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a vintage table and chairs in the garden

Well,  it seems I’m still out here having fun in the garden.  It’s hard to stay inside when the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the grass has turned green.  I’m out here just peter puttering around … a little weeding, a little fetch with Paisley, and a little table in the garden.  Miss Paisley and I seem to be stuck out here.  I plan to enjoy it while I can,  hot and sticky is waiting for us […]


a vintage tool box centerpiece for Spring

Salutations!  Virginia has turned green — greener than green.  This is the time of year all the plants start growing and turn our town into a lush, green beauty.  The new ivy growth is vivid lime green lighting up our flower beds, and the birds are splashing around in the bath.  It’s looking like Spring out there for sure.  It’s been a hot week, but that’s okay.


a whimsical centerpiece with fresh garden flowers

Salutations!  How are things?  I’m feeling pretty darn good about things around here.  I think it has something to do with all the sunshine. I hope it’s shining down on you too!  I’m typically a little lazy when it comes to setting the table for company.  I tend to lay out a stack of plates, a stack of napkins, and a pile of silverware, not so inviting.  Whenever I’m invited to a friend’s or family’s party and they have taken […]


chippy clay pots in the dining room

Bringing the outdoors in…  I brought in these chippy clay pots from the back garden after I finished painting and distressing the dining table.  I think they are going to be so fun to have in the dining room, with these violas, maybe paper whites at Christmastime, or cut flowers when the garden starts to bloom.  These violas will love it inside until it warms up some outdoors. Until then, the dining room is smelling delicious.  Violas can thrive in […]


fall centerpiece

camellia and fall fruit

Happy Fall!!  So this is one of my new favorite decorating tips.  While you’re at the market, fill your basket with some of your families favorite produce, add some flowers or herbs or whatever you have from the garden, and call it a centerpiece.  I love how simple and pretty it looks.  My kiddo’s fall fruits of choice are pomegranate, pears, and apples, but the possibilities are endless!  A few posts back I did a similar centerpiece with clementines, I […]


clementine centerpiece

clementine with shutters

We’ve been pinching our pennies lately trying to save for Christmas, the upstairs bath remodel, and all of those things that just sort of pop up when you least expect it.  I don’t like it at all, but I’m sure I’ll be happy when we are picking out tiles and faucets!  My mom dropped off these beautiful clementines and I decided to use them for our dining table centerpiece along with a couple sprigs of camellia.  I don’t usually go […]


dining room & weathered shutters

After a crazy day, make that a crazy week, sometimes I just like to goof off, shuffle things around, and then shuffle things around again. This tends to cause a bit of confusion with the hubby and chillies and I get a lot of “Moommm, where are the spoons?” I know it’s wrong but this always makes me laugh! Don’t tell the kids. This is the dining room where a lovely set of shutters have decided to live for a […]