a whimsical centerpiece with fresh garden flowers

Salutations!  How are things?  I’m feeling pretty darn good about things around here.  I think it has something to do with all the sunshine. I hope it’s shining down on you too!  I’m typically a little lazy when it comes to setting the table for company.  I tend to lay out a stack of plates, a stack of napkins, and a pile of silverware, not so inviting.  Whenever I’m invited to a friend’s or family’s party and they have taken the time to dress the table in a beautiful tablecloth or create a lovely centerpiece, and set place settings, it looks so welcoming.  You know, that table with the linen, fresh flowers, candlelight, and of course, wine.  The one that you just can’t seem to pull yourself away from.  I have some awesome friends and family and they have set some lovely, charming tables.

whimsical centerpiece of garden flowers

I do love picking flowers from the garden – I think I might have mentioned this a time or two. We had my parents over for dinner so I decided to create a centerpiece using fresh blooms from the garden.

dining room with Spring centerpiece

This centerpiece is a combination of wisteria and white azalea, the wisteria perfumes our entire downstairs with a sticky, sweet fragrance.  I’m a sucker for a smelly flower!  I started by filling the middle of the pot with branches of azalea blooms.  Then, I cut the wisteria short and tucked it around the edges and let it cascade down the sides.

Spring centerpiece of white Azalea and Wisteria

The wisteria wasn’t easy to pick.  It’s growing high up in what we call the “wilderness” of our back garden.   The “wilderness” is a tangle of bushes, vines, and trees that have been left to grow and intertwine over the years.  We are slowly trying to tame the “wilderness”, but for now the wisteria is meandering through this wild mess.

dining room with Spring table setting