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I’ll Be Home for Christmas 2023

I’ll Be Home for Christmas I’m dreaming tonight of a place I love Even more than I usually do And although I know it’s a long road back I promise you I’ll be home for Christmas You can count on me Please save snow and mistletoe And presents under the tree Christmas Eve will find me Where the love light gleams I’ll be home for Christmas If only in my dreams I’ll be home for Christmas (I’ll be home for […]


Cottage Fix details

Hola Cottage Fix Crew! I’m getting back into the swing of things with the cottage decorating and rearranging and project list and such. Earlier today I took a stroll across the internet looking for a dose of inspiration from other cottage style homes and various approaches to get to the heart of that cottage look and feel. Well, the variations in the descriptions of what makes a cottage a cottage were numerous – everything from French Country to vacation homes […]


a cottage fix rustic hutch

Cottage Fix- Rustic Hutch

This chippy paint, country style, ever so shabby, rustic hutch is taking up residence in the entryway at cottage fix where our piano once lived. And it’s always a warm welcome for me when I whisk through the front door. Hello cottage fix rustic hutch, nice to meet you. It’s been a while since I shared the inner goings on of our quirky old cottage and all the fun shenanigans we’ve been up to. So a lot around here has […]


a touch of cottage fix fall

Cottage Fix blog - pears and candlelight

Autumn’s Embrace The cool crisp air blew in like an old friendAnd with each step, we were greeted by crackling leavesThe landscape glowed warm amber all aroundAnd enveloped us with a blanket of affection As we walkedHand in hand through the days of autumn’s embrace Happy Fall! I added pears and candlelight to our mantel for a touch of fall ambiance. And in our living room, a few more pears and candlelight along with a bouquet of white blooms for […]


Christmas 2019

Happy Holidays! I have been busy getting our Christmas up over the past couple of weeks. I always try to keep it simple, and I always try to reinvent the boxes of baubles and shimmer that I haul down from the attic. This year I splurged on some new cranberry velvet pillows for our living room sofa, which look right at home with the vintage baubles and twinkle lights. I’ve been displaying the golden garland of jingle bells for years, […]


cottage fix pumpkins, flowers, pears, and pine cones

Happy fall! With the air getting cooler and the trees painting the sky a warm autumnal glow, fall is my favorite for sure. I love trekking through the trail with the sound of crunching leaves underfoot, popping a roast into the slow cooker, and winding down the day with a toasty fire and cup of hot cocoa. The hubby has been adding Bailey’s Irish Cream to his hot chocolate, which if you haven’t ever tried, is quite amazing! The kiddos […]


3 ways to decorate for fall with natural elements

With cooler weather just around the corner, I thought I’d share a few of my easy yet stylish fall decorating ideas. It’s true, I’m already dreaming about crackly, crunchy leaves and cozy knit sweaters. I usually incorporate natural elements and candlelight into my fall decor to keep things simple and elegant. I choose just a couple of places to adorn inside, as well as our front stoop outside. I don’t ever spend a lot on any of my decorating ideas, […]