Old cottages have always been somewhat of an obsession of mine. In spite of their sometimes wonky floor plans, squeaks, and creaks, they can often be quite cozy and charming. They are filled with stories of sweet days past – and if your lucky, original hardwood floors and china hutches!

When I started this cottage fix blog almost a year ago, I intended for it to be about my husband and I decorating and renovating our 1930′s cottage. Inspired by my favorite decorators and designers (like Rachel Ashwell, Martha Stewart, and Sarah Richardson), I was going to unveil an amazing transformation room after room — month by month! — with a few tips on thrifty decorating and design thrown in here and there.  Since the renovations seem to be moving in super slow motion my blog has morphed into more of a living, decorating, and styling sort of thing, still on a thrifty budget of course.  I have fallen in love with setting up shots, taking pictures, and this here little blog.  We are still very excited about the renovations we have planned, and I can’t wait to share those with you too.

We live on the eastern coast of Virginia near the James River with our two teenage children in a cottage style home we’ve nicknamed Miss Myrtle.   Like many older homes, our cottage has some original charming features, some original not so charming features that have seen better days, and a combination of good and bad renovations from previous homeowners.  It has been somewhat opened up and added onto over the years, but for the most part it’s pretty cozy.  If my honey and I have it our way, Virginia will remain our home for many years to come.  We love it here.

To our surprise home ownership has brought out the handyman in each of us.  We like to plan, fix, and dream of things to make our home more stylish and functional. Sometime between making dinner, walking the dog, and soccer practice, we carve out part of a day (or evening) to paint and hammer. And, oh yes, honey’s favorite — there is nothing quite like a day spent working in the garden!

In our first home we added an entire second floor consisting of two bedrooms and a large bath.  We find the majority of our renovation supplies at Lowes and Home Depot.  You can check out the bath design of our first home on the first house favorites page.  The second floor bath of our current cottage has been out of service for a couple of months now and is first in line for a cottage fix.  It’s original 1930′s and we are hoping to update it while still keeping it classic and in character with the rest of the cottage.

I decided to go ahead and post pictures of most of our home on the room by room page even though not much has been done, other than some paint in the living and dining rooms.  I figure it will be fun to see how things change.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!