decorating with autumn leaves for cottage style

Salutations fine friends of blogland! What a crazy weekend we’ve had here in the little cottage we call home. Where life either goes full speed ahead or seems to tick by so slowly that you could watch the leaves change right before your eyes. This weekend we’ve had a bit of both.

Cottage Fix - decorating with autumn leavesIt was Honeys birthday on Saturday and we’ve had a lot going on with a pizza party and honey out in the yard all day. He spent his birthday out in the garden. What a funny guy, but that’s where he likes it. To top it off, there has been an estate sale happening right next door since early Friday morning. I was very well behaved, only brought home one little thing. And now it’s time for a quiet afternoon, plopped on the sofa watching a movie and a bit of blogging on the sun porch.

Cottage Fix - autumn leaves and crochet

And then there’s the ants, let me share their story too! They have marched a trail through the screen of an open window and into the cupboard. You should see this place after a party and yard work and the cupboards cleared out to combat ants; this place is a full fledged wreck. I guess that’s a hazard of an open cottage window — it’s still worth it though. An open window with the fresh air blowing in is pure bliss!

Cottage Fix - warm autumn leaves and a blue enamel bucket

The dogwood is the first of the trees in the garden starting to change. The bright green is turning a lovely soft red so I brought a few branches in to create a sweet autumn corner in this chaotic little cottage. I have to say that now that the sun porch is white, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite rooms — it’s quite peaceful in here.

Cottage Fix - decorating with autumn leaves for cottage style

This is what I think I had in mind when I first brought home this blue enamel bucket I found on a fun outing with my girls. The soft blue with the autumn branches spilling out is really working for a shot of autumn cottage style. I’ve also added an ivory crochet from my somewhat embarrassingly large collection of ivory throws to add a touch of softness and a nice backdrop for the autumn leaves.

Cottage Fix -  a crochet throw turned curtainxoxo Sally

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