Cottage Fix Christmas greenery and garlands

Salutations! Cottage Fix is doused in fresh greenery and garlands and it feels like Christmas at last. It’s funny, each year as the holiday season begins I worry that I don’t feel very Christmasy. The stores decorate, the songs play, and the parties start, but Christmas seems like it’s just flirting with me on the sidelines rather than asking me to dance. And then, bit by bit the wonder, the bustle, the traditions—they slowly come. Sometimes ever elusive and sometimes inescapable, it’s the magic of Christmas. My honey even seems to be under the spell this year! Cottage Fix blog - fresh greenery and garlandEvery holiday season I tell myself that next year I’m going to decorate less and enjoy more. But I guess the truth is I enjoy decorating so it just is what it is. The greenery is here folks, and it is everywhere!Cottage Fix blog - rustic toolbox with fresh greeneryIn the dining room I added a fresh garland to the china cabinet.Cottage Fix blog - fresh garland in the dining roomI created an understated centerpiece using a few branches from the tree and crochet snowflakes.Cottage Fix blog - greenery with crochet snowflakesA sweet friend gave me this preserved boxwood wreath for my birthday. She has one hanging on a mirror in her charming cottage so I copied the look in here. Isn’t it sweet!Cottage Fix blog - preserved boxwood wreath hanging on a French gold mirrorOn the sun porch I added a few hemlock branches from the back garden and tied them to the mirror with thick yarn.Cottage Fix blog - fresh greenery on a shabby mirrorAnd there’s more greenery in the living room and the office too. I used the rest of the fresh garland on the mantle and more of the hemlock in the office.Cottage Fix blog - fresh greenery and garlandI filled this rustic toolbox with the hemlock branches and pine cones.Cottage Fix blog - greenery and pine cones in a rustic toolboxI’m hoping to finish up most of my shopping this weekend. The temperatures are forecast to rise into the 70s so it will be nice for shopping, but I’m not sure how Christmasy I’ll be feeling in short sleeves.  I hope my greenery doesn’t shrivel up and vanish.

xoxo Sally


9 thoughts on “Cottage Fix Christmas greenery and garlands

  1. Victoria

    All your greenery looks lovely! Those little crocheted snowflakes are adorable:) It’s always hot here and quite often was in So Cal also so I’ve become accustomed to a warm Holiday season…it would be nice to have snow just for that day tho:) I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, eek!!! Have a lovely weekend Sally!

  2. kelly

    Everything looks so beautiful! Love all of your natural greenery. The little blue and white crochet snowflakes on your dining table are adorable! It’s warm here too. I saw on the news that the entire East coast is having mild temps this time of year. Guess we shouldn’t complain since it may all change in January!

  3. Vickie

    Your greenery looks so pretty and I imagine it smells divine! We’ve FINALLY got a covering of snow in northern MN and I couldn’t be happier!! Although shopping in 70 degree weather with nice dry roads doesn’t sound too bad either.

    I’ve looked for boxwood wreaths on my outings, but haven’t found one yet….time to check online. Yours looks sweet hanging on your vintage mirror, Sally. Happy shopping!

  4. Lin

    It all looks so very beautiful, Sally! Every year I tell myself I should do this ~ what a difference it makes! LOVELY!!!

  5. Mary Alice Patterson

    Your use of fresh greenery has been such an inspiration to me. It creates such a warm and cozy ambiance and not much more is needed. Every week I find I’m adding more and more around my little cottage.
    Mary Alice

  6. Julie

    I am also inspired by your fresh greenery, Sally. I love the seasonal simplicity. We had been enjoying temperatures in the 60’s until this weekend. Now we have a blanket of wet, melting, messy snow.

  7. Robin

    So very pretty! Do you make your own garland or find it at a shop somewhere. I have not had very good luck finding respectable looking garland in my area, went with faux this year and I’m missing the scent of the real thing!

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Robin!! I found my garland at Cosco and the greenery is from our back garden. The garland is already getting a bit crispy, but it’s still nice and green. I hope it makes it! xo

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