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Hola Cottage Fix Crew! I’m getting back into the swing of things with the cottage decorating and rearranging and project list and such. Earlier today I took a stroll across the internet looking for a dose of inspiration from other cottage style homes and various approaches to get to the heart of that cottage look and feel. Well, the variations in the descriptions of what makes a cottage a cottage were numerous – everything from French Country to vacation homes and bringing the outdoors in. There was another focused on using a neutral color palette, which I happen to like, but don’t think that’s necessarily what cottage decorating is all about. Do you?

So this got me to thinking about our little cottage with its old plaster walls and creaky wooden floors. For me, cottage decorating is all about the details. It’s a light and airy feeling home filled with vintage finds, heirloom pieces, and lots of cozy, pretty textiles. There’s definitely an element of shabby chic goodness to be found — that’s for sure. Also, nothing is perfect and everything gets used. On special occasions, we pull out my Aunt Rose’s fancy china and fill the ironstone pitchers with flowers from the garden. It’s a collected look that happens over time and in my case, it’s ever-changing and a bit haphazard. So let’s take a closer look at some of the Cottage Fix details.

Light and Airy

A light color pallet can give you a soft and airy feel that is inviting year round. During cooler months it can be warmed up with vibrant, deep colored pillows and throws. And lots of white always helps keep things looking fresh.

Cottage Fix - Cottage Fix Details

Vintage Accessories

Vintage accessories are easy to find at thrift stores and consignment shops. Many of mine have also been given to me by my mom. Sometimes we’ll even trade!

My mom gave me this lovely print she found at an estate sale. My dad found this mirror on the side of the road out for roadkill, and I freshened it up (several times) with a coat of magic cottage paint.

Cottage Fix - Cottage Fix Details

It’s fun to incorporate vintage accessories in the dining room too! Plates are inexpensive wall art and trays and pitchers look right at home. I recently painted our dining room hutch ivory, and I’d like to find some more colorful pitchers to decorate the top.

Cottage Fix - Cottage Fix Details

Ironstone pitchers are perfect for flowers and tiny vintage bowls work well as candle holders.

Cottage Fix - Cottage Fix Details

Vintage Furniture

It doesn’t matter if you find it at the thrift store or if it’s a treasured family heirloom, vintage furniture adds tons of cottage charm. So much of our cottage has been thrifted or handed down which really helps in curating that cozy cottage feel.

I found this wicker settee at a consignment shop and then had a new cushion made. The cover is a matelasse quilt I found at a yard sale, and this spot is always loaded up with pillows.

Cottage Fix - Cottage Fix Details

This wooden Morris chair was passed down to us from my mom, and to her from her mom. She had new cushions made for it when it was at her place. It’s one of our prime seating spots!

Cottage Fix - Cottage Fix Details

Painted and Chippy Finishes

I love a chippy paint finish! Chippy goodness looks great on furniture and accessories. This hutch was so chippy I had to scrape it for days before I could top coat it.

Cottage Fix- Cottage Fix Details

Mix and Match Patterns

A mix of patterns is always a fun addition to cottage style decorating. Pillows and table linens are noncommittal and easy to change out with the seasons. While I do love the recent wallpaper trend I’ve been seeing, it can be a larger project and more of a commitment. But, you can always give it whirl with peel and stick to let you experiment with texture, color, and patterns.

This is a collection of a few of my current pillow covers, always changing…

Cottage Fix- Cottage Fix Details

It’s also fun to mix a couple table linen patterns with your favorite dishes for a whimsical table setting. It makes everyday dining feel a little special.

Cottage Fix- Cottage Fix Details

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