the pillow shuffle


Happy Friday! I feel like I’m always shuffling throw pillows around in search of that perfect mix and color combination. Are you with me? And just when I think I’m there, I see something online or in a magazine that makes me go ga ga, and the shuffle begins again. This shabby quirky cottage is always looking for a little spruce up of sorts.  So here’s what the living room has going on after my latest run around the house […]


Louella euro shams


Good morning Cottage Fix friends! Some of you might remember a post I did this past spring about my more than fabulous day, I still dream about it some nights. I ordered myself a few goodies from the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture website. This is sort of a big deal for me since I’m so in love with her merchandise, and even on sale it’s a bit out of my price range. Every now and then it’s a nice […]


Friday flowers lingering garden blooms


Happy Friday! I’m blogging in today with a collection of lingering blooms from our back garden. It’s so nice to step out and still be greeted by a sea of bright color this late in the season. All the rain we’re getting along with the mild temperatures, things just keep on blooming. This weekend is forecast to be a rainy blustery few days with hurricane Matthew looming to our South. I hope everyone down there stays safe! I painted the trim […]


Cottage Fix fall tablescape


Hola Cottage Fix friends! It finally happened, fall has landed here on the East Coast. Yay! The air is cool, a few of our windows are open, and pumpkins are popping up all over town. Please just let me bask in this autumnal delight for a week or two, just to really soak it all in. Pretty please! So with the weather starting to turn I couldn’t resist creating a bit of a fall tablescape, Cottage Fix style. I like […]


Cottage Fix shabby fall mantle


Salutations! I’m starting to wonder if the fall weather will ever stay put here on the ol’ east coast. Every chance I get, I pop open the windows to let in the breeze. But before I can blink twice, there’s a cold front on the way full of rain and moisture and they need to go right back down. I’m just back from a walk around the block with Miss Paisley and it’s a bit muggy and windy out, looking […]


Cottage Fix crates and candlelight


Hello there Cottage Fix friends. It feels like it’s been raining here for days now, which is just about true. Whenever it rains steady like this for days at a time, I start to feel like I’m on the movie set of Godzilla with Mathew Broderick. Anybody see that one? It’s an oldy, but a goody! The cast spends much of the movie out in the pouring rain chasing and running from the big scaly girl. Yesterday I was ever […]




Good morning Cottage Fix friends! How’s things? We’re in the midst of crazy town here, always are this time of year I guess. With school back in full swing and both kiddos participating in after-school activities it can be hard to keep up with everyone’s schedules. Just call me momager. Wink! I worked on this pale pink chair all last week and it’s finally finished. There was a lot of carting it in and out to the garage and waiting […]


cottage fix Friday flowers


Happy Friday Cottage Fix friends! Today’s bouquet is more special than most, accompanied you see by a champagne toast! Honey and I are celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary tomorrow. Yay! When I think back on the spring we first met and started dating, it feels like just yesterday, but somehow a dream. It was so many years ago that a handsome young musician followed me around a college campus wooing me with gifts of strawberry kiwi Snapple and inviting me […]