Friday flowers… roses from the garden


Yay Cottage Fix friends… it’s Friday! With all this rain the garden is lush green and full of blooms including these sweet pink roses. I popped a sprig into one of my “not so vintage” bottles. On the sun porch, it’s mostly whites with a touch of blue and a pop of pink. My quirky herb and vegetable patch is just on the other side of the windows. That’s where I keep an eye on things. Wink. The spinach, lettuce, […]


Cottage Fix pots of lavender and Superbena


Hola Cottage Fix friends? I’m so excited to be blogging in under sunshine filled skies and cool crisp air. This past weekend was so lovely here, and the ever fleeting sun finally made a grand appearance. It’s been a while, so Farmer Brown and I worked for a bit out in the back garden. I also potted a couple of lavender plants and a Superbena. Superbena is new to me, it’s a verbena hybrid and this shade is called Royal […]


romance on the sun porch


Last week was drenched in rain and storms followed by a beautiful sunshine filled weekend. We were so excited to see the sun we stayed outside all weekend and have the sunburns to prove it. And now it seems we’re back to the drizzle, damp, chilly air. Week after week of rain starts to get old—I’m over it. To help get me through, it’s all tea and soup, snugly sweaters and rain jackets, and candles and cozy blankets. Yesterday I […]


peonies in the storm


Let me tell you… last night I lie awake to the sound of the rumbling thunder echoing through our bedroom. Rain pounded the roof and lightning lit the night sky with each explosive thunder boom. If it hadn’t been for Miss Paisley, there’s a good chance I might have slept right through this grandiose storm. But she likes to keep us informed of these sorts of things. Wink. As I lay there, all I could thing about was my new […]


a pink kink…


Salutations! I’m blogging in today under gray skies with a chance of rain in our local forecast for the next six days. It seems our April showers are trickling into May. During long spells of rain like this, I like to line up a day or two of thrift store shopping and sometimes tackle a project on my to-do list. It depends on how motivated I’m feeling. I found a pair of Simply Shabby Chic pink and taupe floral shams […]


shabby chic cottage and gardens


Good morning Cottage Fix friends! So I don’t know if you picked up on it or not, but I’m on a bit of a shabby chic kick (obsession) at the moment. There’s something about the soft color palette and feminine details that seem to work like magic in my quirky little cottage with the silly little family inside. And fresh cuttings from the garden brighten up a softer than soft look.I added more shabby chic goodness with a soft purple […]


cottage fix Friday flowers from that more than fabulous day!


Happy Friday! Yes, I’m still carrying on about that more than fabulous day. I really just want to savor it, ya know. These are the beautiful flowers my sweet Honey brought me last week. It’s been a full week and they look even better than when he first gave them to me, that’s one of the great things about carnations.He cracks me up. He always is sure to get long stems, baby’s breath, and what he calls the “green filler”. […]


shabby chic details and that more than fabulous day!


Salutations Cottage Fix Crew? How are things? I’m doing just peachy for the most part, but let me tell you about last Friday. All in all it started off good! I got my workout wrapped up first thing that morning, I took Paisley for a walk around the loop, and then headed out to tackle a list of chores—a list that included the fancy grocery store. So things were all ready going good. It wasn’t any single event that day […]