classic grays and shabby whites


Good morning Cottage Fix friends! I’m blogging in under glorious sun-filled skies and fresh dry air. I feel like I waited all summer long to say that. This summer was a hot sticky mess! And all though it’s still summertime and quite warm here on the East Coast, I can feel a hint of autumn in the air. Just a hint, just enough to know it won’t be long now before a hot pot of chili is simmering on the stove […]


super easy five minute photo display ~DIY


Salutations! Do you remember back in the day when we took pictures with film and then had them developed. I sure do. Gasp! Today I’m sharing an easy and inexpensive photo display DIY, and to top it all off, it only takes about five minutes or so to put together.I ordered these tiny little clothespins from Amazon and the hemp rope is from a local craft store. This display can be customized to accommodate any size wall space. I used […]


Farmhouse style heirlooms and Friday flowers


Good summer morning to you Cottage Fix friends! It’s still feeling like summertime here near the Virginia coast, that I can say for sure. I’m dreading the forecast for tomorrow, a heat index of over 100 degrees. The only way to endure the outdoors in stifling heat like that is to be near the shore. But Mr. Manly and I have somewhat of a track record of participating in silly shenanigans, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a […]


and something pink…


Why hello there Cottage Fix crew! I’m blogging in today with another chalk paint project, this time in a lovely shade of pale pink. It’s the softest quietest shade of pink called Antoinette by Annie Sloan. I also used this color on my heirloom dresser last year and loved how it turned out. So I was sort of dying to try something in this shade of pink for downstairs. This little piano stool was the lucky winner! Grin.Just like most of […]


chippy, shabby, chippy, shabby blue paint trunk


Hola Cottage Fix friends! I hope your summer is truck, truckin’ along good. We’re quite busy here with just the regular day-to-day kind of stuff. I always try to wrangle together a beach day when we can fit one in, usually on the weekend. Along with much of the East Coast, we’re in the midst of a nightmare heatwave and I’m about done with it. The afternoons are almost unbearable as the temperatures soar and the air gets thick and […]


Cottage Fix beach days


Hola Cottage Fix friends! The beach was so lovely this past Sunday with cool clear water and a soft breeze. Even though these are the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, sometimes the dolphins make there way here to swim and play in the gentle waves. Unfortunately, the jellies glide on in too. The highlight of our day was feeding the seagulls Sun Chips, they get all feisty and funny. Pretty and  unusual red sails. This seagull was the boss! Grin! […]


just another mopsy, flopsy drop cloth cover


Good summer morning to you Cottage Fix friends! It looks like another moppy drop cloth chair cover has made its way into our shabby little cottage with the pokey little rooms, creaky wooden floors, and fresh summer ivy sneaking up the the exterior of the sun porch. I’m in love with this super easy, super cheap look that adds effortless cottage style to our living room without a lot of fuss. When I say easy—buy a drop cloth, wash it, […]


creating a gallery wall


Salutations! Welcome to a project that took me way too long to complete. Here’s our big fat white wall right smack dab when you enter through our front door, the one that’s been keeping me up at night for, oh I’d say the past four years. It’s a ton of wall space and I couldn’t seem to figure out what in the world to do with it. When we first brought in the piano I hung a large mirror over […]