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Hello there fine people of blogland! So much has been happening around here this summer and I’m finding it hard to remember just how it all started. And I’m sure you’re dying to hear the whole thing from start to finish. Grin.

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I guess it was with an Iphone app, My Fitness Pal. Some of honey’s coworkers introduced him to this calorie-counting, nutrition-tracking app, and we both became obsessed with tracking our daily caloric intake. I quickly realized that I eat a lot, enough for an extra person I’d say. So we streamlined our diets and began drinking plain old water in place of high calorie drinks and adding in more protein, fruits, and vegetables. Even orange juice, which I thought was so great, is high in sugar. It’s a great app for learning about general nutrition and the amount of calories in various foods, as well as tracking fats, protein, and carbs.


We started running and biking more, which led to joining the YMCA. There we started using the cardio and weight machines, and I discovered a new kind of sore. My son joins us some days which makes me feel like we’re teaching him good healthy habits.

Today my daughter and I tried a yoga class for the first time and it felt great. It really made me feel centered and relaxed, two things I didn’t even realize I was lacking. It felt good to unplug and focus, and just breathe. Breathe. So as far as well being goes, I feel like our entire family is on the right track.

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So what does all this have to do with our shabby little cottage? Well, I find myself craving clean, clutter free spaces to go with my new found outlook on fitness and nutrition. By the way, I still eat dessert because it keeps me sane. Same goes for cheese and wine. I did say balance. Wink.

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I always struggle to find a balance between fussy, overly adorned spaces and sparse, almost bare rooms. As soon as I get too much decoration going in a room I start to get antsy. So I’m de-cluttering and clearing out, and my mom and I are having a yard sale this fall. I hope I can part with as much stuff as I’m thinking. I do love stuff, ya know.


Slowly we’re reaching a balance between work and play, running and lounging, broccoli and cake. Balance.

Cottage Fix blog - white painted walls, natural fiber rugs, tobacco basketxoxo Sally

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8 thoughts on “balance for well being

  1. Victoria

    I believe counting calories is hands down the best way to lose weight! I usually do it on paper tho, just easier for me that way:) I don’t have a sweet tooth but I do have a butter, cheese and bread tooth! My oldest son is vegetarian and my MIL is Vegan…I toy with the idea but don’t think I could make the commitment, plus hubby definitely needs his meat!

    I need to declutter also. I’ve put away a lot of nick knacks that I had out but they’re pretty much shoved in closets and cupboards so I’ll have to put a yard sale on our list at some point. Your cottage looks lovely as always:)

    1. Mary Norem

      I just love your simple cottage decor. It is unpretentious but so warm and inviting. Your blog always makes me smile. You seem so “real” and your writing is endearing. I like the balance in your diet too; I love dessert once in a while myself!

    2. sally Post author

      I live with three carnivores and we all have a major sweet tooth! It’s bad!! Lol working on it though.
      Xo Sally

  2. Kelly

    That’s great! My oldest son tracks his calories and works out a lot but for the opposite reason than most. He’s trying to bulk up and gain weight. That would be a lot more fun, wouldn’t it? LOL! I do yoga a few days a week (from a tape). I love it. For me it’s more about reducing anxiety and stretching (because of my arthritis issues). It is by far my favorite exercise. I do see how it can overflow into your house. I feel anxious if I have too much stuff going on in my house too. I think it is over stimulating Good luck with your upcoming garage sale. It will feel liberating!

  3. Julie

    I always feel better when I am eating and drinking better and exercising. So, why then, do I have to keep recommitting after I’ve fallen back into old habits over and over? It’s frustrating. Good for you for getting the kids involved in healthy habits 🙂 I am also trying to find a balance with the stuff in our home, Sally. I like your clean yet cozy cottage look!

  4. Dore

    Hi Sally, I have been watching all the extra treats I have been feeding on these last few months, keeping it healthy. Yet when I am with my daughter she wants to stop and get donuts and soda, and of course I pop one down and sip off her soda, so as of late it’s been a real treat to keeping it healthy, because it’s not the food with us, it’s always very low carb, low fat, and lots of veggie, and salads, and fresh avacados the good cholesterol …. Our big issue is the sweets here as well, who can resist a great cheesecake, pie, or choclates!

    Well enough of this talk it’s making me want to eat something sweet lol !!

    Your home is so tender, so sweet, so inspiring….love that bricked room and the wicker sette covered in matelasse.

    See you soon


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