Cottage Fix rustic baskets and summer whites

Salutations! We’re in the midst of a serious heat wave here on the east coast; I’m certain you could fry an egg on the blacktop in the afternoons. The air is thick and alive with the sounds of cicadas. I’m ever so happy to get through with my morning walk and retire to the air conditioning for the remainder of these hot, muggy days.

I’m having a good ole time rearranging, shuffling mirrors around, and catching up on the massive piles of laundry in our basement. I’m also working on patching up the nail holes from some of the mirrors I moved along with the touch up paint that goes along with that—a job I’m not that fond of.
Cottage Fix blog - rustic basket filled with white knits and crochet

But today I’m heading off to the beach with my daughter and friends. I love the way that sounds—Off to the beach! Maybe the little wall patch fairy will have worked her magic while I’m out, wouldn’t that be sweet! I’ll come home to everything perfectly patched and painted. Wink.

Cottage Fix blog - large tobacco basket focal point over mantle

I wasn’t sure what to do with my large collection of white knits and crochet. Storage space is tight and we’re not really using them now that the daytime highs are reaching the high 90s. So I piled them all in this rustic basket and thought they looked really pretty spilling out of the basket, puddling on the floor.

Rustic baskets and whites are at the top of my decorating loves at the moment. You guys know I waffle around quite a bit on what my number one love is. Right now it’s earthy rustic baskets, vintage of course, combined with the soft freshness of summer whites.

Cottage Fix blog - rustic baskets and summer whites

Pictured below is a new-to-me chair I recently purchased from a dear friend who shares a love of vintage treasures. It’s been sitting in the corner of our office piled up with fabrics and swatches waiting for me to make my next move. I’m really loving the way the taupe and rose pillow looks in here with the gray walls. It would make a sweet slipcover. But that might just be a little to risky for me, pink floral is definitely a statement and a commitment. Yikes!  The blue/gray swatches resting on top are from Rachel Ashwell and very pretty too. But, I’m honestly leaning towards a neutral off white or taupe solid. I can always accent with a soft sweet pillow and it’s a safe choice that won’t keep me up at night. Cottage Fix blog - vintage chair with material and swatches

I wanted something new over our fireplace to make it more of a focal point. So I went with this vintage tobacco basket that’s been hanging in our family room since the day we moved in. Oh yes, there’s been lot’s of moaning and groaning about how they don’t like anything to move or change and why must I… It’s like they never met me before. But they’re getting used to it, slowly. Poor little dears. Grin.
Cottage Fix blog - tobacco basket over mantle

Last winter I purchased one of these huge three wick candles and lit it every night at suppertime. It lasted well into spring. I wasn’t planning on replacing it when it finally ran out, but I missed it so much. It’s such a soft romantic glow, so I went ahead and purchased another. I still light it each night at suppertime, even if it’s still light out—even if we’re just having scrambled eggs. It’s a nice ritual to end the day.
Cottage Fix blog - candlelightxoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - rustic basket and summer whitesps. I just heard the weather man forecast a high of only 88 today. Yay! It’s going to be a nice one. See you by the shore.

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8 thoughts on “Cottage Fix rustic baskets and summer whites

  1. Julie

    I am like you, Sally, and feel most comfortable with smaller bits of color in my accessories. I keep telling myself that I can get bolder with pattern and color, but it hasn’t happened yet, haha. It sounds like you are enjoying several nice days at the beach 🙂

  2. kelly

    I love your soft white linens mixed with the rustic texture of the basket. Going to the beach today sounds great. I’m sure you get a nice breeze off the ocean that makes the heat more tolerable. It has been extremely hot here too. We have been getting some afternoon thunderstorms that have been cooling us down though at night.

  3. Victoria

    Oh, your room is so lovely! The tobacco basket is perfect over the white brick fireplace:) I love the light you have hanging over your little table in that last pic…wow, that is gorgeous! Enjoy these summer days…I hear you on the humidity thing, we’re in SW Florida so we’re in the depths of it but thank goodness we have our health, loved ones and of course, air conditioning!!!

    I always look forward to visiting your blog and seeing your cozy little cottage:) Have a wonderful day!

  4. Lisa

    Your cottage looks lovely decorated for summer. I like the rustic baskets and your beautiful crochet blankets. Did you make the blankets? The crochet pattern is exquisite…


    1. sally Post author

      Thank you Lisa! No, I didn’t make the crochet. My great grandma made tons of them so I have quite a few from her. My mother in law makes me the knits, and she also gave me a crochet that her mom made. I just love them!
      xoxo Sally

  5. Dore

    Hi Sally,
    You know how much I love your home, your cozy corners, the tone on tone and best of all the way you go about sharing it all with us. That lighting over the table is so sweet, I love seeing something different then what we often see with bloggers and there crystal chandeliers.

    Have a lovely day, enjoy getting caught up on your laundry and days ahead that inspire all your home decor.


  6. Dore

    Thank you Sally, for your beautiful visit to my place…. You see why I adore your home so…. I could move all my stuff into yours and live just like you. Love your relaxed look, and you had me at baskets of laundry 🙂


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