hydrangeas and the flag

Salutations! We’re in the midst of a lounge-y four day holiday weekend with lots of cooking, gardening, vegging out on the sofa, and biking and hiking in the nearby trails. It’s been a mix of sunshine and storms which we’re really enjoying. An afternoon storm at the end of a hot humid day is always a treat for me, as long as I’m already at home that is.

Cottage Fix blog - hydrangeas from our garden and the flagThe storms roll in and pound us with rain and lightning, exiting as quickly as they emerge leaving sunshine in their place. It’s like watching the end of a superhero movie, you know that extra explosive action packed fight scene near the end. And as fun as they are to watch, I’m always relieved when they’re through.

Cottage Fix blog - decorating the sun porch with hydrangeas from the garden and the flagOur hydrangeas are something else this year with all the rain and storms we’re getting. I’m so happy with them. They just keep getting larger and the blooms changing colors. And just when I think they’re about done, new blooms emerge. It’s so pretty to watch. I picked a variety of colors for this bouquet ranging from greens to blues.Cottage Fix blog - blue and green hydrangeas from the gardenCottage Fix blog - hydrangeas and the flagLet me tell you a bit about this vintage flag hanging here on our sun porch, it’s so special to my honey. I beg him to bring it out each summer and he watches my every move as I hang it to ensure its safety. I learned from a follower on IG that I was hanging it wrong and redid some of these photos with the stars facing the correct way. It was his grandpa’s that he brought back from World War 2. It has 48 stars and shows the years of time. We always think of Grandad Sam when it comes out each summer, and then I start thinking about all of our old people and how much I miss them.

Cottage Fix blog - decorating the sun porch with hydrangeas from the gardenHave a lovely holiday weekend!

xoxo Sally

ps These are a few of the recipes we made over the holiday weekend that are soo yummy:


3 thoughts on “hydrangeas and the flag

  1. Julie

    What a special memento, Sally. I can see why your hubby is so protective of that flag! Your hydrangeas are really gorgeous! The mix of green and blue is so pretty. We’ve had some crazy weather here in Nebraska, but it looks like summer is back this week with lots of heat and humidity!

  2. kelly

    I loved the story about the flag! It looks good hanging on the wall for the holiday. I wish my hydrangeas looked healthy like yours. Mine have withered in this drought and hot heat that we’ve endured all summer. We’re finally getting some rain today (which I wasn’t sure if we would or not)! But I think we need days and days of it to catch us up!

  3. Victoria

    Wow, what a wonderful history your husband’s flag has! That is certainly something to be treasured and passed down someday! So sad that we’re losing our WWII generation. They have such stories to tell and have gone through so much. My youngest son was obsessed with WWII planes when he was growing up, we’d go to a small airport by us whenever they did airshows and he’d stand chatting with the WWII vets for as long as he could. He recently went up in a WWII plane, he was in his glory!

    I love summer thunderstorms too and your action movie description was perfect:) I get excited when I see the black clouds rolling in and hear the rumbling getting closer! Enjoy all those beautiful Hydrangea’s while you can!

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