sweet wisteria love

Hola Cottage Fix friends! I’m blogging in today with the sticky sweet smell of wisteria filling the air indoors and out in the back garden too. Something about the potent smell of wisteria calls for the hope of good days ahead, don’t ya think. Days spent lounging by the sea, hiking through the cool morning air, and dining under the stars. After dinner bike rides with the wind breezing by and no route in mind. Days that come and go without the worry of schedules or the burden of chores. I can’t get enough of those sorts of days. Cottage Fix blog - living room with wicker, chippy door, and wisteriaI’m just getting back in from the garden, the wisteria is wildly impressive and so high up into the trees it’s hard to reach. It’s overtaking the part of our yard we refer to as “the wilderness.” I managed a few sprigs balancing on a chair up on my tippy toes – so worth it! The smell is just divine. Cottage Fix blog - chippy door, wisteria, and French inspired basketI also snuck my latest thrifty find into today’s photos. It’s a medium sized French inspired basket from an estate sale in our neighborhood this past weekend. Estate sales are usually crazy with the buzz of treasure hungry bargain shoppers pushing in and out of rooms, and this one fit that to a T. It was also a bit sad though, being so close to home. I saw the older lady who once lived there several times this past winter, always after a snowstorm. She’d be out shoveling her own driveway, and one day as I was walking by I asked her if she needed a hand. She declined and said she was enjoying herself and the fresh cold air. Her snow shovel was for sale in the garage.Cottage Fix blog - wicker, chippy door, and wisteriaI’m quite happy with my basket from the sweet snow shoveling lady’s garage. It reminds me of her and her determination and happy spirit for life – the kind of older person I hope to grow into — much, much later!Cottage Fix blog - wisteria on a chippy doorThings have gotten so busy around here lately, which I don’t mind. Some days it’s hard to fit it all in though, and I will complain about that. Last night I couldn’t sleep for worrying about all of the appointments I’ve been putting off, scheduling, and rescheduling. Today I buckled down and got it all done. So I’m hoping for a good sleepy night with the fragrant smell of wisteria lingering through my dreams.Cottage Fix blog - wicker, chippy door, and wisteriaxoxo Sally

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7 thoughts on “sweet wisteria love

  1. kelly

    Your wisteria is beautiful! I don’t have any of that growing around here. I’ve heard how it can take over everything once it gets going. I love the purple color though! Your French style basket is great! That was a good find. Sorry to hear about your neighbor. I guess she passed away? It’s nice that you were able to give it a good home.

  2. Lisa

    The hanging wisteria is just beautiful and adds such a lovely touch of spring to your room! I like that pretty aqua blue you have on the mantel too!


  3. Doré @ BurlapLuxe

    Awwwww! The thought of the elderly lady selling her snow shovel, and indeed the spirit she had to enjoy the last bit of her snow days and that shovel. The basket is a great find one I would have snagged up as well, and how it adds so much French beauty to your corner of the room where the door leaning acts as a piece of art in itself. The wisteria is beautiful, and adds so much cottage charm to your space. I know your home would be a perfect place to sit taking in its beauty and scent.

    See you soon.
    Hope to see what next you fill in that basket, mine sits empty as well, not sure what I want to fill it with, time will tell.


    1. sally Post author

      Thanks you so much Dore! There’s a fluorescent soccer ball in it at the moment – not staying!! Apparently my daughter thinks it’s going to be a sports basket. lol

  4. Kathy

    Such a great story of your neighbor. How sweet to have something of hers to remember her by. The wisteria is beautiful. I am looking to buy lavender this Spring and planting it. I was inspired by one of your recent posts.
    ave a great day. xo

  5. Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane

    I adore the wisteria’s purple pop in the corner of your room. So pretty and springy. The French basket is also a very pretty touch. Such a charming space. Thank you for sharing at SYS and enjoy the rest of this lovely spring weekend!
    XO Barbara

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