twinkle, sparkle, and vintage baubles xoxo

Happy Holidays! The Christmas cheer is well under way here at Cottage Fix with sparkly lights and vintage baubles in all of our nooks and crannies. It’s always been about the glitze and lights for me, the world lit up with magic and hope. The twinkle and sparkle of the lights seem to fill town after town with joy and the Christmas spirit. When our kiddos were just wee little guys we had a tradition of driving them around late night with them all snuggled up in their jammies drinking hot cocoa in search of the most magical, and sometimes ticky tacky, light displays. We would have Jingle Bells blaring on the radio, and their eyes would light up as the world sparkled around us. I’m hoping to make a go of it later in the season, minus the jammies I suppose. Grin.
Cottage Fix blog - vintage silver pom pom tree for a shabby chic holiday vibe

Cottage Fix blog - starry lights and a silver tree

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic Christmas tree on the sun porchThis silver glitzy tree on our sun porch is a vintage find I scored at an estate sale a few years back. It doesn’t hold ornaments well, but with it’s pom pom  “branches” it really only needs a string of twinkle lights to make it shine. It gives the sun porch a shabby chic winter holiday vibe.Cottage Fix blog - starry lights and vintage chippy shutters

Cottage Fix blog - flowers and candlelightThe starry light strands are from Target, one of my favorites. They look festive all on their own or mixed in with garland.  They’d even be pretty used to light up a tree.Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic silver tree and starry lights

Cottage Fix blog - tiny tree with vintage baubles in a blue enamel bucket

Cottage Fix blog - vintage baubles and toile And this little cutie in our family room is a potted tree from the hardware store. I adorned it with vintage baubles of pink and gold and a strand of twinkle lights. We spend alot of time in here this time of year so I really wanted to add a little something, but we can’t fit anything much bigger than this tiny tree.Cottage Fix blog - our dining room decked out for Christmas

Cottage Fix blog - stars

Cottage Fix blog - DIY garland with vintage baublesI made the garland on the chalkboard out of fabric scraps and pale pink tulle. It’s adorned with more vintage baubles.
Cottage Fix blog - tiny Christmas tree with vintage baublesWe’re still hoping to get a real tree of epic proportions for the living room when we get the chance. It’s always such a production! My daughter is picking out our tree this year so I’m guessing we won’t be able to walk through the living room without shimmying sideways to get past the ginormous beauty she has in mind. I’m not sure where it will fit, but we’ll make it work! Cottage Fix blog - DIY garland with vintage baublesxoxo Sally


6 thoughts on “twinkle, sparkle, and vintage baubles xoxo

  1. Vickie

    This post is such a refreshing change from all the grand holiday tours going on in blogland, Sally. I had to quit looking when all the homes started looking alike to me. Your simple holiday decor is just lovely and your home looks so cozy with your bits of sparkle and twinkle added throughout. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. kelly

    Your Christmas decorations look so pretty! I love your little trees. I have a tabletop tree that we use in place of a huge tree. It has been a lot less stressful to deal with over the years. I’m allergic to live trees and the large fake ones are a hassle to put together and store. I’m sure your daughter will love being in charge of selecting the perfect tree for y’all this year!

  3. Julie

    I think that tinsel tree is so nostalgic and sweet, Sally. I love the simple holiday touches you have incorporated into the cottage, and the memories you shared are precious 🙂 What fun you will have when the ginormous tree is found, too!

  4. Victoria

    Everything looks so pretty and festive! I love your little tree’s:) Your vintage ornaments are so pretty also. I have the star twinkle lights from Target too! That Dollar spot gets me every time…even though nothing’s actually a dollar anymore. I got some faux mercury ones there also.

    When my boys were little, there was a neighborhood called Hastings Ranch in So Cal where every house went all out with Christmas was really something. We’d drive there every year, you didn’t even have to put Christmas music on because all the houses had it blaring out of speakers. It was so much fun! I’m not sure if they still do it but it left lots of fond memories:)

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