a vintage tool box centerpiece for Spring

Salutations!  Virginia has turned green — greener than green.  This is the time of year all the plants start growing and turn our town into a lush, green beauty.  The new ivy growth is vivid lime green lighting up our flower beds, and the birds are splashing around in the bath.  It’s looking like Spring out there for sure.  It’s been a hot week, but that’s okay.

vintage tool box in the dining room

Suffering through hot days without AC reminds me of visiting my grandmas house when I was little.  I never understood why she didn’t like to run the AC; I just new it was hot.  Now I like to make it a challenge!  How long can I go until I cave and go for the AC dial.  I’m sure my family just loves this.  I like the feeling of the fresh air breezing through, even if it’s a little on the warm side, and our electric bill can be expensive.  Tuesday was ridiculously hot — I roasted, and that afternoon I clicked the AC on!  Ahh … so much better.  Sometimes I crack myself up.

vintage tool box centerpiece

I dug out my grandpas old toolbox and stuffed it with flowers, napkins, spoons, and plates to make this centerpiece.  I’ve dragged it out a couple times before and always ended up putting it back because I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  I always thought it would look super country, but it turned out looking more rustic-french.  It’s nice on the dining table as a centerpiece with all our dining needs right at arms length.

vintage tool box centerpiece and cottage dining room

These are primroses from the garden. We planted three pots full from Lowes last summer, and I would say they have doubled, if not tripled in size.  These blooms are soft pink and delicate like tissue paper. My husband was a little perturbed with me for picking them all to fill up the toolbox centerpiece.  That happens to be a bad habit of mine!  The next morning the garden was full with just as many blooms as I had picked the day before. Wow!

primrose and chippy paint shutters

We are definitely in flower season at this little cottage!  The roses and lavender are blooming, the mountain mint is growing tall, and the hydrangeas are on the way.  The primrose grows well in the full sun and doesn’t seem to mind getting plucked every now and then; which works out well for me!

vintage toolbox centerpiece with primrose


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  1. Jeanette @ Creating a Life

    Hi Sally,
    Just found you through the feature over at Town and Country. Just popping over to have a look around and tell you how much I love your style! I adore your vintage toolbox centerpiece!


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