sunny garden days — Tuesday

Salutations!  Okay, I just can’t resist.  We are headed into a week of absolutely gorgeous weather.  I can’t stand it, it’s so beautiful outside.  So I’m celebrating with a week of sunny garden days.  It starts today and will run for the next three days featuring the garden and casual floral arrangements using blooms from the garden.

azalea bloom that has lost it's petals

An up close azalea bloom that has lost it’s petals with purple irises in the background.

purple iris, pink roses, and wild indigo

The irises and roses are snuggled up with a few sprigs of wild indigo.  I grouped each flower together in this arrangement to create blocks of color.

flowers and a galvanized bucket

I’m not sure where I found the galvanized bucket.  It looks like something I might have picked up off the side of the road.  Roadkill baby!  I love it when I’m just taking a stroll through the neighborhood and just happen to stumble upon a vintage treasure that someone else is done with. Those walks are the best!

bucket of blooms with a distressed cupboardWelcome to cottage fix and thanks for popping over today!

xoxo Sally