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Cottage Fix summer garden and white blooms

Well hello there Cottage Fix friends! All is good here, things are moving right along. I’m feeling much better after flopping on the sofa for all of last week—that summer cold took me down. I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever wear anything other than pajama bottoms and a raggedy old T-shirt again. While I’m not feeling in tip top shape, I’m definitely feeling more like my old self again (which certainly wasn’t anywhere close to being in tip […]


cottage Christmas living room and a tiny tree

I finally made it into the attic and my son helped me unload way too many boxes of ornaments and lights. The front garden is all lit up with white twinkly lights, make that halfway lit up since I ran out of twinklies about halfway through the front bushes. And so it begins… I found the tiny silver ornaments in the attic and my daughter decorated the tiny little tree in the entry to our living room. It was kinda […]


shabby silvery blue dining table

Salutations! I’m blogging in to all of you fine folks with a dining table makeover, a teensy tinsy bit of Christmas, and a new project that is already in the works. So things are weird here, I’m not quite sure how it happened! I finished all of my painting in the living room and distressing the table in the dining room and I’ve been soaking it all in. I feel so relieved and just a little on top of the […]


sunny garden days — Tuesday

Salutations!  Okay, I just can’t resist.  We are headed into a week of absolutely gorgeous weather.  I can’t stand it, it’s so beautiful outside.  So I’m celebrating with a week of sunny garden days.  It starts today and will run for the next three days featuring the garden and casual floral arrangements using blooms from the garden.


vintage media

vintage media cabinet pic

Well, I’ve been working on this vintage media cabinet and I’m not quite sure about it. But, I think I’ll live with it for now. It was actually lovely with floral decoupage on the doors, but it did not go with what I had going on in the guest room so out came the white paint. Once upon a time it lived happily in my daughter’s room, but apparently she is not a little girl any more and has outgrown […]