cottage Christmas living room and a tiny tree

I finally made it into the attic and my son helped me unload way too many boxes of ornaments and lights. The front garden is all lit up with white twinkly lights, make that halfway lit up since I ran out of twinklies about halfway through the front bushes. And so it begins…

Cottage Fix - cottage Christmas tree adorned with silver ornaments I found the tiny silver ornaments in the attic and my daughter decorated the tiny little tree in the entry to our living room.

Cottage Fix - Christmas tree adorned with silver ornaments in a galvanized ash bucketIt was kinda different this year when I unloaded the six boxes of Christmas chachkies from the attic. I was hoping for a fresh looking Christmas at the cottage, but when I opened the boxes it looked all old and sorta fuddy duddy. Not what I remembered from years past.

Cottage Fix - cottage living room with Christmas decorI thought about leaving some of the traditional decor my kiddos have seen year after year growing up in the boxes, but my daughter wasn’t having it. And I get it, there are Christmas decorations I have from when I was little that bring back the spirit of Christmas for me. So we are slowly filling the cottage with Christmas cheer!

Cottage Fix - sofa with gray polka dot throw and green striped pillowI lightened up our vintage Christmas baubles with some new ones that were just gifted to me and freshened up the whole look with fresh greenery from the garden. I think I may have said “fresh greenery from the garden” like 100 times yesterday; it makes a world of difference.

Cottage Fix - silver bowl with a mix of vintage and new ornaments with fresh greenery from the garden

Just a touch of red really goes a long way.

Cottage Fix - Christmas stockings hung on a French doorThe stockings were hung on the doorknob with care—while the kiddos were at school. There may be protests and inquires as to why they aren’t hung from the mantle when they get home. But it is only because I needed a little red in that back corner. I wonder if they’ll let me get away with it?

Cottage Fix - living room with a touch of ChristmasThe mantle is very simple. I started off with more but it was feeling cluttered to me so I kept pulling stuff back off. The dainty gold garland is made of jingle bells, I found it at a yard sale a few years ago. It’s always one of my favorite things to get down from the attic.


xoxo Sally

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10 thoughts on “cottage Christmas living room and a tiny tree

  1. Mary Alice Patterson

    Okay…just so you know…your kids won’t outgrow their favorite Christmas items that just have to come out each year, and they’ll always want the stockings hung on the mantel. I was chuckling as I read this post because my 26 year old daughter still wants everything the same way…even though she’s only home for a week at Christmas! They never outgrow the magic of Christmas…I guess I’m secretly happy about that.
    Your “greens from the garden” (that phrase does somehow make them seem more special) look so fresh and pretty in the bowl.
    Great post…your humor and holiday spirit keep you home as charming as ever, Sally!
    Mary Alice

  2. Vickie

    Maybe you could just pencil that line into The Night Before Christmas and tell your kids you’ve been doing it wrong all these years. I’m kinda digging the doorknob idea myself!

    After looking at your pretty fireplace, I want to take the white paint I’m using in the kitchen and slather it all over my dark brick fireplace! And the jingle bell garland…..sigh. Please lock your doors to keep me out.

    It’s looking lovely and not a speck of dust to be seen. :o)

  3. Robin

    I adore your little baby tree. I love tiny trees so much and wish I had more in my house to decorate. I here you about the feeling of all your old stuff feeling fuddy duddy…that hits me every few years. I then sort through and pick out only our favorites to bring out.

    I am hoping your kiddos will approve of the stockings hung on the door, I think it looks amazing – so casual and charming, so if you need to plead your case I’ve got your back.

  4. kelly

    I love what you’ve done for Christmas so far! I agree that the little jingle bell garland is sweet. We got rid of our tall Christmas tree last year, and switched to a table top tree. My youngest son wasn’t happy with that decision at first either. However, we told him that he can have whatever tree he wants when he has his own home. Kids don’t understand how much work goes into decorating for the holidays sometimes.

  5. Vanessa Bower

    Sally, I knew you wouldn’t disappoint us. A warm welcoming Christmas cottage for everyone to enjoy.
    Your tiny tree is so sweet, simple yet perfect. And the fireplace mantle……AMAZING. I am so in love with that jingle bell garland. (How in the world could anyone in their right mind sell that, let alone at a garage sale. What a score for you.)
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful home with us, it’s such a treat.

    1. sally Post author

      Thank you Vanessa! I love the garland too. I saw a similar garland online at World Market that’s also a string of lights. It comes in silver and gold. I’m hoping it will still be around when everything goes to half price after Christmas.
      xoxo Sally

  6. Kathy

    I have never seen jingle bell garland. How pretty and festive. Keep us posted as to how long the stockings on the door knob lasted?
    Thank you for sharing.

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