Old Violet painted heirloom side table

Well it’s been one of those weeks—make that two! Yes Cottage Fix friends, it’s been one of those days for about two weeks in a row I’m afraid. It all started up innocent enough with a little leak in the kitchen that Honey fixed in a jiff. And then came the car trouble while Honey was out of town which always puts a kink in our think. And to top it all off, one of the kiddos caught the crud. We’re all better and fixed now, but it’s really been a doozy!

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic bedding and Annie Sloan chalk paint side table in Old VioletOne of my good friends lives by the rule that bad things happen in threes. That being the case (fingers crossed) we recovered from our three heartaches and we’re ready to move on. When it rains, it pours — so they say.

Cottage fix blog - Heirloom side table painted in Annie Sloan Old Violet I put my domestic goddess apron back on today to help me sink back into the land of painting furniture, baking brownies, and tidying up. This is where I’d like to stay for a week or so. There’s nothing like a furniture project to make things all right in the world. Put a paint chip in one hand and a recipe in the other and I’m a happy girl!

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic bedding and Old Violet painted dresserSo this heirloom side table is what I’m working on at the moment. Like many of my projects, it’s been sort of a trial and error. There’s a layer of bright teal under the pretty grayish blue your seeing now. I was planning on distressing it some, but I gave up on that idea. Which is weird for me, I usually distress all my furniture projects.  I thought this Old Violet color to be so pretty that I just left it as is with a coat of clear wax.

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic bedding

I chose the Annie Sloan Old Violet color to go with the duvet cover. There’s two shades of blue in the pattern. One’s a bright blue and the other’s more of a dusty gray violet—sort of blue—like this paint color. I think my grandma Lillian would be happy too. xo

Cottage Fix blog - Annie Sloan Old Violet painted side table

Happy Weekend!

xoxo Sally


7 thoughts on “Old Violet painted heirloom side table

  1. Victoria

    Oh my goodness Sally, it looks gorgeous! The color is perfect, it brings out the colors in your bedding and even tho it’s a bold color, it looks soft and romantic in your gorgeous room! I agree that your grandma Lillian would be very pleased:) I know people get funny about painting heirlooms but my thought on it is, if you know it’s something you’re going to keep forever then why not paint it and make it something you love that goes with your style:)

    Sorry about the streak of yuckiness:( Our new year started out the same, I was sick then Kyran got really sick with pharyngitis, then his car died on him and was beyond repair so he had to get a new one which really bummed him out b/c his other car was paid for…oh well, that’s life! Have a wonderful weekend my friend and I’m really going to work on getting a blog post up soon!

  2. JoAnne

    I’m glad everything is better, Sally – it does seem that things always happen in multiples. Your table is so pretty. I’m really loving the combination of violet and blue lately.

  3. Mary Alice Patterson

    This is so lovely, Sally! The bed and linens and side table…so dreamy!! So fun to visit your charming cottage…you never disappoint with your gorgeous photos and wonderful writing style that always has me smiling.
    Mary Alice

  4. Dore @. Burlap Luxe

    Hi Sally hope all is will with you and light is shining down on your days.
    Love every cottage thing you create. It really looks amazing here, along with comfort.
    Love the side table of blue, it makes a perfect focal pieces right where it is placed.

    See you soon and all you inspire.


  5. Julie

    I’m sorry you’ve had a run of bad luck lately, Sally. Hopefully, things will improve now! I just love the color on your table. It looks like a soft, quiet periwinkle, and it really pops in that room!

  6. kelly

    That is such a pretty color you chose for that cute side table. It looks great with the bedding in the room. glad that you got that leak fixed. It seems there’s always something to be done whether you have a new house or older one.

  7. Des

    Sounds like you have had a rough couple of weeks….glad you are all feeling better! LOVE the table….such a pretty color!!!!

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