adding texture with gathered pillow shams

We’ve been really busy lately with kids and our puppy and life and such.  And of course I’ve got a million and one projects up my sleeve, some of which I’ve started and some are on the back burner. I did finish painting the sun porch and will be sharing her white painted bricks with you soon. Mr. Macho is building a fire wood holder and indeed, his inner burly mountaineer has been unleashed — I think I even heard him growl once.

Cottage Fix - living room with gathered shams on the sofa

Late Summer into early Fall is my favorite time of year as far as the weather goes.  I love jeans and sweaters, but still being able to get away with wearing flip flops if I want.  We’ve had a couple of absolutely beautiful days in a row here on the Virginia East Coast, sunny and dry with a warmish breeze.  And with Mountain Man out back choppin’ wood, it’s been feeling like Fall isn’t too far off.

Cottage Fix - cream colored gathered shams

One way I like to change things up in this little cottage without breaking the bank is with pillow shams, these were $10 each online at Anthropology in the clearance section.  I ordered these gathered cream-colored beauties for the sofa to add some texture and freshness without changing everything around completely.  You guys know how much I like to shuffle things around!  Wink!

Cottage Fix  - cream colored gathered shams on the sofa

These shams are euro size and meant for the bedroom, but I don’t think it really matters.  They are squishy and comfy and calling my name now to come snuggle with Miss Paisley.

Cottage Fix - cream sofa and shams and white chippy trunk

Speaking of Paisley, she has decided she likes blogging after all!  She is always right by my side picking blooms from the back garden and making sure the shots are coming out nice.  She totally enjoyed this photo session.  She’s also a sucker for lap time and will sit on the lap of whoever is at the computer, for as long as they’ll have her.  So sweet!

Cottage Fix - Paisley "helping" with the blog

xoxo Sally

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4 thoughts on “adding texture with gathered pillow shams

  1. Lin

    Hi Sally,

    The room looks wonderful. Love the sunshine streaming in and your new anthro pillows. I need to remember to check out their sale items more often!

    I’m trying to ignore that fall is on it’s way and we still need to cut firewood. There’s so many projects to get done yet this summer! Fingers are crossed that we’ll have an Indian summer in Sept!

    Your Paisley is so cute! Enjoy the cuddle time. 🙂

    ~ Lin

  2. Cindy

    Your sofa and pillows look so inviting with the light streaming in the shutters. Makes me want to curl up for a nap, but then I’m always thinking about a nap, even now at 6am when I’m writing this. My daughter and I both have a sleep disorder where no matter how much sleep we get, we are still always tired. For me, it is always worst after eating, but we both struggle all day long to stay awake and not nap. It is a horrible curse to always be tired. Anyways, that said, your sofa and new pillows look divine! Enjoy a nap there for me.

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