a stary bright New Year!

Hidy Ho Cottage Fix friends! We are enjoying some “sink on into it” time off around here. My honey took off a full two weeks for the holidays so he has been home the entire time the kiddos are home for Winter Break.

Cottage Fix blog - sun porch with pillows and bright stary lightsWe are enjoying some serious do-nothing kind of days. We shopped at the fancy supermarket in town, cooked seafood, enjoyed late loungy suppers and even later mornings. We went to the gym, hung out with friends and family, played dominoes, watched Netflix, saw Star Wars, and took Miss Piggy for neighborhood walks. What a perfect way to end 2015.
Cottage Fix blog - living room with whites and bright stary lightsIt’s the same for me every year during the time between Christmas and New Years. I’m always a bit glum to take down the baubles and sparkle of Christmas to be left with my plain Jane cottage. It always seems extra bare after the decorations are stowed back up in the attic. The tree’s still up, but I’m slowly taking down all of the Christmas cheer. Last year I found these star lights and since then my daughter stole them to put in her own room. So I went ahead and treated myself to two more strands.Cottage Fix blog - sun porch with New Years bright stary lightsWhen the glitter and glitz are all packed away, it’s nice to still keep something around to brighten things up. It’s not always easy to keep this old cottage with the squeaky wood floors, plaster walls, and shabby furniture looking fresh. And fresh and bright are usually what I’m after for the start of a new year. The bright starry lights are fresh and fun and keep the season of light alive for me.Cottage Fix blog - peace sparkle sign and bright stary lights for New YearsI’m happy to say we did complete a large-ish bathroom remodel (large-ish in the amount of work – not the room size) in 2015, that was our biggest project so far in this 1933 cottage of ours. I’m thinking of a couple of things I’d like to get done in the coming months, but I’m not ready for anything that big just yet. Well unless Honey gives me the green light, then I probably could muster up the courage to get something going around here. We’ll see. I’m not much of a planner I guess. It’s more like over supper one night “do you want to go ahead and rip out the …” And here we go!

Cottage Fix blog - star lights and candlelight

Thank you so much for visiting today and throughout the year! xo

Happy 2016

Cottage Fix blog - pillows, peace sign, and star lightsxoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - whites, candlelight, and star lights

PS. The bright starry lights are from Target.

PPS. I’ll be hitting the gym extra special next week as the Christmas overflow has parked itself directly on my waistline.


5 thoughts on “a stary bright New Year!

  1. Kelly

    I love your pretty star lights! I will be taking down our Christmas decor today too. I know what you mean about it feeling naked afterwards! Hate that! We saw Star Wars too. It was so good. I’m not even a huge fan of it. My husband and I think there will probably be another movie too. Hope you have a great new year! Sounds like you’ve had a nice relaxing Christmas.

  2. Julie

    Great minds think alike, Sally. Love those star lights! I’m playing with strong lights in my post-holiday decor, too, and will be blogging again soon. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Mary Alice Patterson

    Your two week vacation with hubby and kids sounds Perfectly Delightful!!! Your sweet cottage always sparkles if you ask me. Looking forward to more Cottagey Fixes in 2016!
    Happy New Year,
    Mary Alice

  4. Victoria

    Sounds like perfect Holidays to me. How amazing was Star Wars??? I came home and rewatched every single one of them.

  5. Kerrie

    This is my favorite way to spend a holiday….lounging around in the comfort of our own cottage and gardens. Your home looks just right for the new year and the driftwood peace sign is perfect. Happy new year xx

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