pink roses at Christmas

Salutations Cottage Fix friends! How’s the decorating, shopping, baking, and Christmas shenanigans going at your place. We’re moving right along here. Give me just one more afternoon in the shops and my list will be completely checked off. I’d also like to bake a few holiday treats if this cold I’m fighting ever clears. Why in the world I get a cold at Christmastime each and every year is beyond me. I’m trying to stay peachy bright in spite though.Cottage Fix blog - pink roses at ChristmasMy fresh garland did not make it. I had a feeling. The unseasonably mild temperatures we’re having left it feeling so crispy I decided to chuck it. It was starting to make me nervous to keep in the house. It’s forecast to be 70 degrees here on Christmas day so I decided not to bring in anymore fresh greenery. I brought some pink roses home instead to keep it looking cheery and festive in here for the remainder of the holiday season. Cottage Fix blog - vintage Christmas baubleHere they are on the sun porch in the wrapping area. I’m hoping their happy pink spirit will summon me to the wrapping corner to wrap. Pink roses do happen to have that effect on me.

Cottage Fix blog - bright pink roses on my shabby chic sun porch at Christmastime

Cottage Fix blog - Christmas treeSome of my vintage baubles are pink and a couple of the new ones look oh so shabby chic. So I thought pink roses would look nice even though they don’t exactly go with the original cottage look I was going for.  But at this point in the game, who’s counting?Cottage Fix blog - bright pink roses

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic pillows

And this cute little guy is hanging out in the front garden. This is Swiper the other red nosed reindeer. My dad made and named him for us. Isn’t he great!Cottage Fix blog - handmade reindeer

Thanks so much for visiting today!

Happy Christmas!

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic Christmas bauble

xoxo SallyCottage Fix blog - pink roses for Christmas


6 thoughts on “pink roses at Christmas

  1. Vickie

    Your pink roses are just as pretty as pine swags, Sally. I hope you’re feeling better so you can finish up your shopping and baking- are we ever really finished?!

    Our oldest daughter was sick with a “cold” every Christmas, when we finally had her tested and she was actually allergic to pine trees. I hope that’s not the case with you!

    Feel better and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Victoria

    Any time is a good time for pink roses! They look so pretty:) I’m sorry you’re still battling a cold, hopefully it’ll be done with soon so you can get on with the business of Christmas!!! I’m baking today, shopping’s all done altho I’m still waiting for a few Amazon purchases to show up. My brother and his family arrive next Sunday so we’ll be having another Christmas with his girls, I’ve had so much fun shopping for them:)

    It seems to be a warm Christmas for a lot of people, we’re expected to be in the mid-80’s today…crank up the A/C!

  3. Julie

    I love the vintage goodness of your tree, Sally. It’s so pretty! 70 degrees? That doesn’t seem very Christmasy, but I’m never too upset about warm weather 😉

  4. Mary Alice Patterson

    I’m loving your beautiful pink roses for Christmas!! And may I ask you a favor…please put me at the top of your list if you ever decide you’re tired of that charming side table. 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    Merry Christmas,
    Mary Alice

  5. kelly

    I adore your cute homemade reindeer with the red nose in your yard! I like the quirkiness of it. I also like your pink roses. They coordinate well with your vintage ornaments on your tree. Sorry to hear that your real greenery didn’t survive long. I always use the fake stuff (even though real looks better) because I always fear that happening to me too. I hope that you had a great Christmas today!

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