cottage fix breaks the rules!

Design rules that is, let’s not get too crazy! I’m shaking things up left and right here today at Cottage Fix. Oh joy! Who says that a chair is just for sitting? Not me!

Cottage Fix - bouquet

So when Modani Modern Furniture posted 5 Design Rules to Break, my first thought was “huh, I wonder what rules I’m breakin’ around here.” I then began to look around our little cottage, with its old wooden floors, shabby furniture, wicker, and lace, for rules that I regularly throw out the window. And of course I’m always looking for a great excuse to buy flowers. Here at Cottage Fix, trunks aren’t only for storage and accessories don’t always have to be grouped in threes. And then I thought sure, let’s break some rules Cottage Fix style!

Cottage Fix - mix and match dining chairs outside

Dining chairs should stay in there set – let’s start here. One of the easiest places I find to break this rule is outside, where mix and match chairs give a casual feel. We always use mismatched chairs when we have company so everyone can pick the style that’s most comfortable for them (and because we usually don’t have enough of any one particular style to accommodate everyone).

Cottage Fix - mix and match wrought iron chairs

Don’t have a bedside table in your guest room? An extra chair placed by the bed is the perfect height and size for a cup of tea or a phone, and flowers of course.  And if the chair seat isn’t quite flat, a tray works great.

Cottage Fix - dining chair as a bedside table in the guest room

In our guestroom I’ve paired our wicker daybed with an ivory dining chair for easy going cottage style.

Cottage Fix - dining chair as a bedside table

Now lets take this breaking the rules gig one step further. What else around this little cottage isn’t being used as it was intended?  How about my heirloom trunk?  It’s being used as a coffee table, and it’s the perfect spot to stash extra pillows and throws too. Mine, however, is currently full of photo albums.

Cottage Fix - heirloom trunk as a coffee table

I also pulled this bench up to our wicker chair on the sun porch where it does double duty as a side table and extra seating. Be sure to keep one eye on your snack If you happen to have any four legged friends running around!

Cottage Fix - bench for a side table

The other rule that I often break is to stick to only one design style. Well I definitely don’t stand by that one. If I had to decorate with just one style I think it would bring me to tears — dramatization. Can you imagine a world where cottage, vintage, and shabby weren’t all able to happily mingle at the same party? Not me.

Cottage Fix - breaking design rules

As much as I love vintage treasures I also like to add brand new pieces in to keep things fresh. A home that is entirely filled with old things can start to look fuddy duddy, and nobody wants that!

Cottage Fix - breaking design rules with Modani

In the living room I’ve mixed an heirloom trunk with a new sofa that has a tight back and clean lines. I like to change out the pillows and throws when the mood strikes, sometimes they look a little French and sometimes more shabby chic. Here I’ve paired a French inspired toile with ivory gathered shams and soft blue plush for a big ole dose of shabby French cottage.

Cottage Fix breaks the rules! post with Modani

Modani has many modern furniture stores to inspire your decorating and breaking common rules is one exciting way to mix it up. What rules are you breaking in your cottage? Would love to know!

xoxo Sally

Modani Breaks the Rules



6 thoughts on “cottage fix breaks the rules!

  1. kelly

    Oh, yes! I’m all about breaking the rules too. That’s what makes a home more interesting, right? I love how you’ve decorated your home. The mix of old and new and a touch of femininity is so pretty.

  2. Julie

    I love the unconventional ways you have used the chairs, Sally! You’ve definitely given me some ideas for thinking outside the box!

  3. Kathy

    My husband likes to decorate with leather and wood. A nice, warm atmosphere. But, I so want the look of the white in your home. You have given your home a comfortable, inviting feel.
    Thank you for this post.

  4. Brittany

    Love it. I probably break them all. For one, I don’t match my end tables or my lamps either. I also have a mismatch of silverware and plates.

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