the pillow shuffle

Happy Friday! I feel like I’m always shuffling throw pillows around in search of that perfect mix and color combination. Are you with me? And just when I think I’m there, I see something online or in a magazine that makes me go ga ga, and the shuffle begins again. This shabby quirky cottage is always looking for a little spruce up of sorts.  So here’s what the living room has going on after my latest run around the house mad woman pillow swap. Ahem…
Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic pillowsCottage Fix blog - living room with shabby chic pillowsI went with whites, blues, floral, and ruffles for a soft shabby chic look that will easily transition into the holidays, if this look sticks around that long. Of course, I’m not big on making long term commitments as you probably guessed by now. Wink. The floor pillows are more of a Robin’s egg blue compared to the brighter blue sofa pillows, but I ‘m diggin’ the mix of blues in here.Cottage Fix blog - blue and white sofa and an autumn bouquetCottage Fix blog - autumn bouquetI thought this bouquet looked fall-ish and since the fall decorating is at a minimum this year, I went with these autumn inspired flowers to compliment all the blue and white. The tarnished silver pitcher works well this time of year too.Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic cottage living roomAnd do you see that teensie tiny little plant? Well, that’s Mr. Manly’s project. He’s trying to bring her back to life after he accidentally brought her to the brink of death. I wonder how many times he’s watered her since he re-potted her. I wonder if I should water her now. She’s a Peace Lily after all.

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic pillows in the cottage living room

Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo Sally

PS Paisley insisted on not budging for these pictures

PPS If only she was better at posing! lol

PPPS It turns out that we both watered it.


4 thoughts on “the pillow shuffle

  1. Victoria

    Oh yes, I can definitely relate to the pillow shuffle! I’ve had mine in the same spot since we moved, it seems to be working. I have enough for my head and to also prop my feet up if I take a nap:) Yours look so lovely and cozy! I hope your hubby’s plant is still hanging in there. I’m terrible with plants of any sort, they die just by being looked at by me. The ones on our patio have done well but only due to the FL summer rain, now that rainy season’s over I’m sure they’ll all keel over on me:(

    I’ve been in a sea of paint over here! Eveeeerything was painted peach, peach doors, peach walls…ugh! I had to paint 3 doors upstairs, only one left to go then painted the last of the peach walls in the kitchen yesterday. Today I’m tackling the living room, I chose a Behr paint called “Silver Polish”…I can’t wait! Going to finish my coffee, hop in the shower then get to work:)

    Have a wonderful rest of the week Sally, see you on IG I’m sure!

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