Trentwood bowls and heirloom Booths dishes

Happy Saturday! We’re getting so spoiled here on the coast of Virginia with absolutely glorious weather, mild sunny days and clear chilly nights. We broke in the fireplace this past week and managed to get away with not cranking on the heat. I think I cooked up every comfort food recipe I know as soon as the weather turned. Night after night it’s been all chicken pot pie, sausage and three bean chili, and last night roast beef and potatoes. I’m not so sure how much more autumn deliciousness the ol’ muffin top can take. Somebody hit me with a salad and some steamed broccoli ASAP!
Cottage Fix blog - Booths dishes and Trentwood bowlsCottage Fix blog - vintage dishesWell, I held off on the thrift store shopping all summer mostly because I really don’t need anything and I always end up coming home with the same kind of stuff. I can’t seem to walk past a sparkly chandelier or pretty vintage dish without it ending up in my cart. I headed to our local thrift store the other day to look for something I needed (something other than chandeliers and dishes) and somehow these darling Trentwood bowls ended up coming home with me. What! How’d that get in there! And then with my Aunt recently down sizing, so many pretty things are heading my way. How could I say no to this lovely blue floral dish set? How? Oh dear.Cottage Fix blog - blue floral dish set and gold accent bowlsThe bowls are restaurant ware by Trentwood from Hot Shoppes, Inc. in Washington DC. They’re very thick with delicate detail and kind of remind me of all those little French cuties I see all over blogland. The gold floral pattern works really well with blue too. And I have a ton of blue.Cottage Fix blog - Trentwood restaurant wareThe gorgeous blue floral collection is by Booths made in England. This pattern is the “Peony” and I do believe my heart skipped a beat when I first opened the box and saw a whole set of blue loveliness. Can you imagine if peonies came in blue in real life! Sigh. So I’m quite the happy lady with my new goodies. I’m still trying to figure out where to put everything even after I purged a few things I wasn’t using. Oh my!

Cottage Fix blog - Booths tea cup and saucer, made in England

Cottage Fix blog - vintage dishesHave a lovely weekend!

xoxo Sally


3 thoughts on “Trentwood bowls and heirloom Booths dishes

  1. Victoria

    Wow, I wouldn’t be able to turn that beautiful china down either! Such a stunning blue! The gold is also very pretty, perfect for your cottage:) We’ve been having lovely weather here in FL too, some nice chilly mornings and NO humidity…yay!!! I hear ya on the muffin top, ugh…thank goodness for stretch waistbands.

    As you’ve seen on IG, I’m working on our staircase! Poor Kyran got sucked in when he got home from work and spent 2 hours ripping all those spiky carpet holders out:) Then he said please don’t pull out the landing carpet until the weekend, then 10 minutes later “Are you going to rip out the landing carpet tomorrow?”, I said I thought you didn’t want me to and he said “No, it’s okay, you can” LOL. Good times!

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Victoria!! I can’t wait to see how your staircase turns out! Everything you do is so beautiful. I can’t get over your kitchen, I was telling my mom about it the other day. xo

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