a vintage Summer mantel

Salutations!  Well, I’m at it again.  Our mantel has been feeling a little left out lately.  Yes, I’m afraid she has been somewhat over looked and maybe even a bit neglected while the rest of our living room has been getting doused in Summertime blues. She has been patiently awaiting her turn ready for the freshness of Summer to head her way.  I thought this vintage mirror in robins egg blue might just do the trick.

Cottage Fix -a blue vintage mirror and hydrangeas for fresh Summer styleMy honey was nice enough to help get this beauty hanging above the mantle this past weekend; it was a rainy, sloppy couple of days.  Unfortunately, it was much too wet for any kind of weeding or trimming out in the garden, but the perfect weekend to ask for a wee little favor inside the house. Grin!

Cottage Fix -beautiful blue hydrangea blooms and ironstone pitchersSo I got out a “monkey hook”, which works great on old plaster walls by the way.  He popped that baby in and the mirror was up in two blinks.  Hmm… is it too low?  Yes, it looks weird and it didn’t quite cover up the old holes we haven’t gotten around to patching.  Time to get to business so he whipped out the big guns, his drill.  So now he’s standing on our rickety old step stool with a heavier than it looks mirror above his head.  Here?  Too low?  After way too many highers and lowers and one too many tries… a bit of shabby cottage style now resides above our mantle. What to you think?  Too high?


And lets not forget to have a little chat about the lovely blue hydrangeas — ahh those lovely blue hydrangeas.  If your wondering if there are any more waiting to be picked out in the garden, um no not a single blue bloom.  What could I do?  The mantel has been feeling neglected after all and in need of some fresh Summer style.

Cottage Fix -blue hydrangea bloom on the mantle

xoxo Sally


5 thoughts on “a vintage Summer mantel

  1. Cindy

    Your mirror looks just lovely. It looks almost exactly like a mirror I have over my mantel right now that was one of my Grandmother’s wedding presents. I haven’t painted mine, but did refinish the wood when it was given to me over 30 years ago. It has the same beveled glass too. I think a nice mirror always looks great over a mantel.

  2. Mary Alice Patterson

    The mirror is perfect in every way!! Sometimes those rainy days come in very handy. 🙂 I’m having hydrangea envy…yours are beautiful in the white ironstone pitchers! I have 6 blooms on all of my 4 hydrangea bushes combined…yes, only 6. 🙁 And those babies are coming inside once they’re fully open where I can enjoy seeing them all day long!!
    Mary Alice

    1. sally Post author

      Love it! I pick all of ours too! We have four plants and only one of them is blooming. I’m still hoping the others will bloom too.

  3. Gloria

    The pop of blue is perfect! And your ironstone …. Love.

    Wonderful blog, looking forward to getting caught up on past posts.

    Enjoy your day!

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