Yard sale lucky!

Summer is here!  It’s hot, my daughter’s been repeating the dreaded phrase “I’m bored”, the pop-cycles are chillin’ in the freezer, and there seems to be a yard sale waiting for me every Saturday morning.  A cluttered, junky yard sale on a Saturday morning is my idea of Summer!Cottage Fix -ironstone platters, teal napkins, and a beautiful Ball jar

I usually walk or bike to a neighborhood sale with my mom, but this past weekend I rode with both of my parents to an estate sale in a neighboring town held in an old mansion overlooking the water.  I should have taken pictures, I wish I had thought to.  It was beautiful… shake siding, wrap around porch, gorgeous stairwell, and ceilings that touched the sky.  I was so busy gawking at the storybook house it was hard to get to looking at all the lovely things!

Cottage Fix - two ironstone platters hanging in my cottage living room

I often get overwhelmed as I enter a good estate sale, especially if it’s an old mansion on the water.  Pinch me please!  A couple of really cool pieces were snatched up right before my eyes as I was busy thinking, and thinking –  bad habit!  I finally got my head out of the clouds and started picking some items up, iron stone platters, a set of teal napkins, and my mom spotted a beautiful Ball jar.

Cottage Fix -breakfast on the sun porch These are some of my junk sale staples, especially the napkins. We use cloth napkins with all of our meals to help do our part in keeping our pretty green planet green.  So when I find a lovely soft teal set like these, out of my way people!

Cottage Fix -breakfast on the sun porch with yard sale find, teal napkinsSomeone around here has been after me to make pancakes, so breakfast on the sun porch to break in my new teal treasures.

Cottage Fix - teal napkinsThis last new piece has got me be-boppin around the living room with a happy smile plastered on my face.  It’s not from a yard sale, it’s an heirloom trunk from my aunt and I am in love.  I’m thinking it’s going to get painted, maybe a chippy cream or blue.  Yes, I’ve got the go ahead to pretty her up with a lovely new shade!  Grin!

Cottage Fix - heirloom trunk parked in the living room waiting for a coat of chippy paint


9 thoughts on “Yard sale lucky!

  1. Cindy

    Love your post! Made me smile, laugh, grin – all the necessities to start off a Monday at work (should be working really). You have a lovely way with words and your pictures make me feel right at home.
    I love yard sales too. My daughter and I hit an out-of-town neighborhood full of yards sales, but alas, they were mostly clothing and toys. Bummer. Fortunately, we had headed to that town for a flea market and it did not disappoint. Found some lovely treasures. Anxious to see your trunk with its new makeover.

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Cindy! We don’t have any good flea markets close by, I wish we did! Glad to hear my post brightened up your Monday morning! 🙂

  2. Sally

    Oh, I love garage sales too! Last summer, I was really lucky to find some awesome ironstone pieces. This summer, I have found great silverplate flatware. I love your new trunk! I’m glad that I recently found your blog. Your cottage is lovely. And I am another Sally.

    1. sally Post author

      Well hello Sally, what a great name! Oh, I love ironstone! I too am always on the lookout for ironstone and flatware. I haven’t been as lucky with the flatware. Thank you for the compliment and welcome to Cottage Fix!

  3. Kathleen

    Sounds like that house was marvelous! Estate sales are awesome, especially on summer mornings:) Love your linen finds and the ironstone on the wall. I collect it! Found you over at French Country Cottage and I’m your newest e-mail subscriber.
    xo Kathleen

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