a vintage table and chairs in the garden

Well,  it seems I’m still out here having fun in the garden.  It’s hard to stay inside when the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the grass has turned green.  I’m out here just peter puttering around … a little weeding, a little fetch with Paisley, and a little table in the garden.  Miss Paisley and I seem to be stuck out here.  I plan to enjoy it while I can,  hot and sticky is waiting for us on the other side of Spring.

vintage table and chairs in the garden

I set up this vintage table and chairs to enjoy a margarita after a long day of working in the garden.  I think we deserve a cool refreshing drink after all of our hard work.  Honey and I that is, Miss Paisley is getting a biscuit.  This vintage set came from a yard sale many moons ago.  I’ve painted it several times over the years with white spray paint.  This is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your old outdoor furniture looking fresh.

pink and purple shabby chic flowers

Miss Paisley loves it when we all hang outside.  She is happy out here as long as we are.

Paisley and a vintage garden table in the garden

A few lingering pink azaleas along with the purple mystery plant make an easy going shabby chic kind of centerpiece.  That’s what long weekends are about around here, easy going.

vintage garden table and chairs with flowers

I slipped away this afternoon to do a little window shopping.  I found a couple of things I’m mulling over for the living room.  Often consignment shops and thrift stores have a no return policy.  So I try to think on it before I commit to the purchase.  Sometimes I think, and think, and think some more.  I’ve missed out on some real beauties because of this.  But there’s always another opportunity.

Our miniature schnauzer puppy spotting something good

Apparently Little Piggy (one of our nicknames for her because she grunts) has spotted something good.  I’m sure she’ll try to eat it! So I guess I’ll end here. Have a great holiday weekend.


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