Cottage Fix all thawed out

Happy Friday ladies (and gentlemen)! Things are getting back to normal around here now that we’re all thawed out. I enjoyed a very nice week with the kiddos since they had two days off from school and the other days half off for exams. One day we even all plopped out in the family room and watched two movies in a row, complete with hot cocoa. It felt super indulgent to be watching movies all afternoon on a Monday, but it was so fun and relaxing. We also tried out a new recipe – red lentil and sage soup. It was pretty good, but not so much that I’ll be making it often. You know that kind?

Cottage Fix blog - white sofa, guitar, and puppyI’m off to watch a sporting event this morning after a late night out from another sporting event. You know the drill, life as usual returns.

See you soon.

xoxo Sally

ps She was getting in trouble for napping on the pouf, but I gave in. Naughty puppy!


5 thoughts on “Cottage Fix all thawed out

  1. Victoria

    So glad to hear you’re thawing out, we’ve been freakishly cold here in FL and have had tons of rain. I’m not hating it tho, just wish we were better equipped for when it decides to do this!

    Awww, your pup does look very cozy on your pouf. I must say, that pouf is very comfy so I can’t blame her:) My brother loved ours and sat on it all the time when they were visiting, they plan on getting one for themselves.

    I remember the days of running around with my boys! They were all in soccer so I spent my entire Saturday going to games:) My eldest turns 26 today, I can’t believe it!!! Where did all those years go? Anyway, I did manage to get a blog post up this morning so hope you’ll drop by when you have time:) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. kelly

    I love days like that too! Glad to hear that you’re all thawed out now. We have been for awhile and I’m smiling because the sun is out, the clouds are gone and the temps are up. You never know how long good weather like that will stick around so I’ve got to enjoy it while I can. Your dog is so cute sleeping on that pouf. I’m sure she thinks it’s just for her! My dog makes himself comfortable whereever he wants and I’m always having to refluff the pillows and vacuum dog hair off everything.

  3. Vickie

    Well, you have to admit, the poof looks awfully comfy! Those days of running from event to event are over way too quickly as your children grow up, so enjoy every moment!

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