shabby chic bedding for a dreamy cottage look

Good morning Cottage Fix crew! We’re talking cloudy, dreamy, seriously puffy, just lay back and melt the day away bedding here at Cottage Fix today. The kind of bedding that beckons for a nap on a Tuesday afternoon. The kind of bedding that makes me wonder how bad it would really be for me to pick a fight with Honey just so I can sleep on a cloud in the guest room. Pretty bad… I know — I’m only joking though.

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic bedding

So at the beginning of the school year our daughter was finally ready to upgrade to a full size bed. We went with an Ikea storage bed in black and she loves it. And lucky for us it only required about 1000 hours of assembly time. Grin. I decided to move her single vintage iron bed into the guest room and there it has sat for months now without sheets or anything, completely bare. Until now…

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic bedding I knew I wanted something shabby chic in here, and something to coordinate with the other stuff already in the room. I love the butter yellow walls and my son keeps his charcoal bean bag in here for working on his school assignments and playing video games. I know yellow walls aren’t the “latest”, but they create such a warm cozy space. It’s like the room is giving a giant bear hug.

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Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic beddingAll of the bedding is from the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target and it’s all very reasonably priced. The duvet is a indigo blue and white batik print with a sweet floral on the underside. The plain white sheets, white bed skirt, and puffy white euro pillow give this space the clean fresh look I’m always after.

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic beddingI’m trying to decide if and what color to paint the side table. It’s an heirloom piece from my grandparents so it would be fun to give it a fresh new look.

Cottage Fix blog - white and blue Shabby Chic bedding

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xoxo SallyCottage Fix blog - shabby chic bedding


8 thoughts on “shabby chic bedding for a dreamy cottage look

  1. Victoria

    Oh my goodness, what a cozy little space that is and I must say, I LOVE the combination of blue, white and yellow so I think the walls are absolutely perfect just the way they are. I have the same ruffle laundry bag that you have too!

    Maybe you can take a little day time nap in there! I quite often do that in our guest room:) All that beauty shouldn’t go to waste!

    Happy Wednesday Sally!

  2. kelly

    I love your new bedding! I love the Simply Shabby Chic line of bedding. It looks so cottagey and country. I think the side table would be pretty painted in a bright white. It’s classic and you wouldn’t tire of it. It seems any time I paint my furniture a specific color other than neutral, I always end up changing it. I love the old iron bed too!

  3. Dore @. Burlap Luxe

    Oh dear friend your cottage is perfect with butter yellow walls, it’s a wonderful cottage colour and I think Rachel Ashwell would approve of the mix.
    Love that you went with the duvet instead of a comforter or a quilt, this is a bed of fluff and a wonderful dreamy place to spend a day watching a romantic movie and enjoying a bit of pampering.

    The old iron bed is wonderful, I love how inviting this room is, invite me to stay a night and I will, hopefully there will be mints on the pillow 🙂

    As for the heirloom side table, I do love the dark with the airy feel of the room, but I could so see this piece sanded down and then just washed with a white washing of white so not to loose sight of its beauty and adding an old aged feel to the sweet table. The creases in the table I would not worry about all that dark finish, I would wash over it and it will only add more depth and old world aging to the piece.

    You my dear have a guest room… a Sally room, to love.


  4. Vickie

    Your guest room looks so fresh and welcoming, Sally! I love your new bedding, and the heirloom table is gorgeous! Enjoy the sunshine!

  5. kerrie

    I have missed many posts because I am taking a break from Blogging for a season. My heart is following after other beautiful things this year. But I do miss your peaceful beauty. This Rachel Ashwell bedding is so pretty. It really looks so perfectly lovely in this room. I grew up in a bedroom with pale yellow walls and they were so cheerful. The iron bed is a real treasure that I hope you never part with. All of my children went through those stages of out-growing their childhood furniture and then into so many purchases from Ikea. Then when they went off to college they don’t want to take any of it with them. I have piles of Ikea pieces left behind. We just need to have a garage sale and sell it all. Not something that I enjoy doing. Now they are all about thrifted vintage pieces and hand built. Both of my sons build their own furniture. My oldest has even created lights out of copper piping. Anyway…I love your renewed guest room. Simply beautiful.

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