Cottage Fix fall planting and pumpkins

Hola Cottage Fix friends! We have sun, warm bright glorious sun. Yesterday the clouds finally decided to break apart and sunshine filled my day. To celebrate I took Miss Paisley on a field trip to our local garden center for plants and pumpkins. She was a big hit, somewhat of a crazy dog though after four days of stormy weather! I’m sure she gets that from me.

Cottage Fix blog - fall planting and pumpkins

I picked out a couple of fairy tale pumpkins and also a large carving pumpkin for the kiddos. They still enjoy it! I went ahead and brought home an English boxwood too since we lost one in the heat of the summer. By the time I realized it was on the way out and started to water it was already crispy.

Cottage Fix blog - pale yellow pansies and pumpkins

I always get overwhelmed when I head to the garden shop, there are so many beautiful things. This time I went with a plan in my head and stuck to it. The carving pumpkin (didn’t make it in the picture) and boxwood are for the front entry steps and the pale yellow pansies and fairytale pumpkins I’ll keep on the back patio. It feels like fall.

Cottage Fix blog - fall planting and firewood And that giant pile of firewood in our driveway; Mr. Macho ordered that. He is super excited about it and I’m certain his muscles are growing in anticipation of moving it all to the wood rack. Thank goodness there’s also two kiddos in the house because that pile looks a little too large for a mere blogger such as myself. Wink.

Cottage Fix blog - fall planting and pumpkinsSee you soon!

xoxo Sally


5 thoughts on “Cottage Fix fall planting and pumpkins

  1. Victoria

    I was going to say wow, that’s a huge pile of wood in the background! Looks like you’ll be all stocked up for the cooler weather:) Your pumpkins are so pretty! I never bother with them anymore but we always carved them when my boys were little then I would roast the seeds. I love your shabby white patio table and chairs:) Hope you’re having a lovely week!

  2. Julie

    Those pumpkins are so pretty, Sally. And oh, how I love pansies. I can never bring myself to buy them for such short seasons here in Nebraska 🙁

  3. Dore

    Lol! I was going to say the same thing Victoria said about your wood pile? Wow, it looks like you are going to have warm cozy fires this winter, and I am sure it will be stacked undercover and close to your reach in no time. I am like you at the garden centers and always come home with everything but what was on my planned list.

    Maybe the boxwood if you cut it way back and watered enough it may have come back, this happened to me here on out Southern California desert. I have box woods planted on my front porch in big galvanized water containers from a feed store, I love how they age and look so good as above ground gardens.

    Your pumpkins look great, I am getting some of the green grey ones this year and the whites, next year my daughter wants us to grow a garden full of them, will see maybe, it might me nice to pick them with long twisted stems and attached vines, making for a beautiful harvest.

    Well my dear another cottage post from you that charms,
    Oh I want to mention I really am also charmed buy you white brick wall.

    See you soon


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