cozyin’ up the sun porch and a coffee table shuffle

Good morning Cottage Fix crew! We had ourselves quite a lovely weekend here. Busy, but nice. There were Indian lunches and wine suppers, coffees and long walks, and to top it all off a drive out to Williamsburg to watch my daughter race in a cross country event. It was misty raining, of course, but still fun. And then Saturday night both of our teenagers went to a high school dance and that was so exciting too.

When we awoke yesterday morning from a late night the air had turned crisp and cool, and it was a sunny happy kind of day. The kind of day where I just tend to float from one thing to the next. We went ahead and tackled that giant pile of firewood, I swear it practically floated into a stack. Hee hee, I guess that could be because I didn’t help as much as I thought. Grin. And then Farmer Brown started to tidy up our garden that’s still a mess from last weeks coastal storm.Cottage Fix blog - crochet throw, shabby chic British Rose, and white rosesI also got to shuffle around the coffee tables and I think I’m keeping it like this. I brought the chippy paint trunk from our living room out here on the sun porch. It’s working out nicely and making it more functional in here as well. It’s the perfect spot to set a warm drink and a stack of cottage magazines on a cool autumn day – one of my favorite things.Cottage Fix blog - brick floors, windows, and wickerOn the wicker settee, it’s a mix of neutrals with shabby chic British Rose floral pillows and a cream crochet trim throw. I really like how the brick flooring ties in with the wood tone of the trunk top. It really warms it up in here.
Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic British Rose, cream throw blanket, and chippy paint trunk coffee tableThe living room is now sporting my old heirloom farm bench, it’s been in there one time before. I’ll get it ready for a photo shoot later on this week. For me it’s hard to get more than one room spiffed up at a time.Cottage Fix blog - white rosesWell I’m off to give Farmer Brown a helping hand in the garden. And then there’s that pile of wood that’s not quite gone yet. Good thing he has today off for the holiday!
Cottage Fix blog - sun porch with white sheer curtains, brick floors, wicker, and a chippy paint trunkSee you next time!

xoxo Sally

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7 thoughts on “cozyin’ up the sun porch and a coffee table shuffle

  1. Victoria

    Your coffee table switch was a good move! I think it looks lovely in your sun room:) Sigh…those brick floors…they’re so lovely!!! Your roses look so pretty in that little bottle too.

    I’m glad to hear your wood pile is more organized! I bet you’re looking forward to having some nights by the fireplace:)

  2. Dore

    Yes I agree with everyone who has visited so far, it really looks great in the sun room on those brick floors.
    But I also loved it in your living room just as much. But I so get it, it always feels good to be able to use pieces in other rooms changing it up a bit. Your sunroom most likely feels really well balanced with a more heavier trunk in there on the brick floors it anchors the room that seems to have space for such a trunk coffee table. I have a chest of drawers in my front room, the pieces is a finished piece on all sides so it allowed me to float it I front of the sofa like a trunk, I love it so much more then the small coffee table I had in its place.
    So wish I had a room like yours brick and all to move it out on 🙂

    Love the Rose lemonade bottle and the single rose, as for the bench reveal looking forward to seeing it again.


  3. Kerrie

    Your sunroom is a quiet retreat. The windows allowing the gentle light with a view of trees all enveloped in the white curtains. Such a lovely place in your home. I have the bohemian/morrocan style pillows as well as the British Rose. The stitching on my morrocan pillows is the sea blue. Do you renember them? I remember your golden ones. We also have guitars always laying around since my husband and sons all play. I was a cross country runner in High School. It is not a popular sport and takes such devotion. I was addicted to. It really teaches you endurance. Good for your daughter.

  4. Des

    Your sunroom is so gorgeous…..I LOVE the brick floor!!! Looks like the perfect spot to curl up and read magazines and then take a little nap?!?!

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