a painted garden bench

A little white paint can do wonders for old shabby furniture and garden benches. This is probably a bit too white for my taste, but after a couple of seasons outdoors this bench will begin to weather and turn just how I like it… chippy and distressed. At least I hope so, that’s the plan anyway.
branch and painted benchI picked this bench up at a yard sale a couple years back and decided to try it on our patio. Our other outdoor furniture requires seat cushions that we store in the garage and nobody ever wants to haul them out and in. So if we’re just hanging out on the patio for a little while, we always find ourselves sitting on the steps. We’ll see how this painted bench works out.

bench before painted garden bench painted garden bench with flowers

It took a few cans of spray paint in Ivory to get full coverage of the bench. And what I thought was going to be an afternoon project ended up taking me a couple of days to get done. Because of the dry time between coats and the fact that I can only stand spray painting but for so long at a time it took a little longer than I was hoping.

painted garden bench with teacup