cottage plans

Today I spent the day cleaning like crazy and getting the house back in order after a long relaxing weekend.  Ahh … it was a lovely weekend indeed.  Just what I needed to get myself in gear for a project or two.

two shades of taupe in the living room and office

Things are looking pretty rosy around here, and this old cottage is feeling the love for sure.  Every room might not be in tip top shape or painted just the “right” color, but things are coming together. The garden is looking like summer, and we have been planning for the guest bath remodel. I honestly think planning is my favorite part of a project, I enjoy it just as much as I do the finished product! Which is good because I have a lot more plans than I do funds. Grinning!

getting ready to paint the office soft taupe

What’s that they say about home ownership … you are never done.  Oh so true, but that’s okay. I’m finally getting around to painting the office the same shade of taupe as the living room.  It will be so nice having the two rooms match. Cropping the golden taupe color out of all the living room photos is getting old.  Bye, Bye golden taupe.  Hello soft, creamy delicious taupe.


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