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Happy Friday! I just love Fridays, with the hope and promise of a relaxing fun filled weekend ahead. Oh yes, on Fridays I’m still in denial about the jam packed weekend schedules that lie ahead, the chores that pile up, and the never ending to-do list that most likely won’t receive any check marks. It’s all “have another beer” and bliss! Friday is quite possibly my favorite day of the week.

Cottage Fix blog - roses in the stairwellWe have flowers, so many flowers! I bought my daughter birthday flowers, her best friend surprised her with pink roses, and I had just recently treated myself to roses too. So with a house full of blooms, I couldn’t resist a little fun and figured a Friday flowers is in order. What could I do? I really had no choice!

Cottage Fix blog - roses in the stairwellNow that our stairwell is freshly painted I’m really enjoying this part of the house so much more. It has original cottage charm and character that the lighter wall color accentuates. This little photo shoot was also a good motivator for me to get those stair treads clean. Painting the risers is still on that to-do list I mentioned earlier.

Cottage Fix blog - stair basket with rosesThis staircase basket was a piece of roadkill I found when we very first moved in about four years ago. I hosed it down and let it dry in the sun. It’s just enough decoration without getting in the way.

Cottage Fix blog - roses in the stairwellHave a lovely weekend!

xoxo Sally


3 thoughts on “cottage fix Friday flowers

  1. Victoria

    Your staircase is so perfectly “cottage-y”! I love the contrast of the white paint and the dark wood:) Your flowers looks so beautiful on them and I love the basket, what a great find!

    Even though I don’t work, I love Fridays also:) I get up with my husband in the a.m.’s so it’s nice not to have his 4 o’clock alarm going off! Enjoy!!!

  2. kelly

    Those roses are beautiful! They compliment your decor so nicely. I love how useful those stair baskets are. I used to have one but now I keep a different kind near the stairs instead of on them. i’m always dumping things in the basket that need to eventually go back upstairs.

  3. Vickie

    I’m with you, Sally. Friday is definitely the best day of the week! Your stairwell looks like it’s ready for spring with the pretty pink flowers decorating the space. That’s a sweet little step basket to hold all those things that never seem to make it up the stairs, right? I hope it was a good weekend!

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