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a sweet little vintage mirror in the stairwell

Salutations! I’m blogging in today with a sweet little vintage mirror I hung in our stairwell. Its unique shape and etching detail makes it quite the looker. I was so nervous about this! Not the mirror exactly, but the hole I was about to hammer into my freshly painted plaster. Yikes! This pretty little mirror sat in the living room for a week or so taunting me until I finally got out the hammer and went for it. Yes, I […]


cottage fix Friday flowers

Happy Friday! I just love Fridays, with the hope and promise of a relaxing fun filled weekend ahead. Oh yes, on Fridays I’m still in denial about the jam packed weekend schedules that lie ahead, the chores that pile up, and the never ending to-do list that most likely won’t receive any check marks. It’s all “have another beer” and bliss! Friday is quite possibly my favorite day of the week. We have flowers, so many flowers! I bought my […]


paint it white and look for Spring

Good morning Cottage Fix friends! I’m blogging in today under beautiful blue skies and the promise of mild sunny days for the remainder of this week. Yes, Spring is in the air and it’s time to get things going—or bust. I had a bit of a cheat in the hallway here with this light and airy white paint. I hired my dear professional painting friend to paint it for me, you know with the super high ceilings in the stairwell […]