a sweet little vintage mirror in the stairwell

Salutations! I’m blogging in today with a sweet little vintage mirror I hung in our stairwell. Its unique shape and etching detail makes it quite the looker. I was so nervous about this! Not the mirror exactly, but the hole I was about to hammer into my freshly painted plaster. Yikes! This pretty little mirror sat in the living room for a week or so taunting me until I finally got out the hammer and went for it. Yes, I think we’ll get along just fine. So far, so good.Cottage Fix blog - a sweet little vintage mirror in the cottage stairwell I want to keep it very simple on this stairwell wall since the adjacent wall is home to a photo gallery wall (a work in progress). The vintage mirror picks up different reflections as you walk around our living room and trek up the stairs. It also adds a touch of sparkle and shabby chic style in here. Cottage Fix blog - vintage mirror reflectionIt’s getting there…

xoxo Sally
Cottage Fix blog - sweet little vintage mirror


6 thoughts on “a sweet little vintage mirror in the stairwell

  1. Vickie

    Sweet little mirror, Sally. I just broke a similar mirror this week when I was rearranging my mirror stash. Seven years of bad luck? I hope not!

    I agree that mirrors add a little sparkle to any space, and I love the reflection of the stars!

  2. Victoria

    What a beautiful mirror! I love vintage mirrors but I have a hard time finding them. Your staircase is so pretty, so bright and airy:)

    I’ve been sick all week, finally starting to feel like I may actually be able to get something done today tho:) Happy Thursday!

  3. Julie

    I LOVE this! I’ve never seen one with a “piecrust” edge like that…so pretty! And the placement in the stairway is perfect.

  4. kelly

    I love it! It’s so unique and charming. I really like where you hung it. I would’ve been nervous hanging it too since you have special walls. That just goes along with the charm of your house too.

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