time to let go

Good morning Cottage Fix Crew! We’re getting back on track here after a long run of rotten luck. Our washing machine quit working this past weekend, and along with a dryer that’s been on the fritz for the past year or so we went ahead and purchased a new set. Our bad luck has become almost comical! Honestly we’re walking on pins and needles around here waiting for the next thing to break or crack. Yikes!

Without that pesky laundry to keep me busy, I managed to start some of my Spring cleaning early. These are a few of the vintage treasures I collected over the years that will be listed for sale in our local area this coming weekend. I hate to part with pieces I love, but if I haven’t found a home for them by now, it’s time to let go.

Cottage Fix blog - vintage crystal chandyCottage Fix blog - vintage crystal chandyVintage Crystal Chandy

I purchased vintage crystals from an Etsy shop to fill in the missing spaces and cleaned this beauty up some. It needs to be rewired for electric use. It would also be pretty with candles. I was planning on using it in our dining room, but it was too small. So then I saved it for our bathroom remodel and it ended up looking too big in there. Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold.

Cottage Fix blog - vintage green medicine cabinetCottage Fix blog - vintage green medicine cabinetWooden Green Medicine Cabinet 

I absolutely love this piece. If I didn’t already have a similar one that’s original  to our cottage, I would be using this myself. It’s painted vintage green with a sweet glass knob. It has glass shelving inside and is in good vintage condition. I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve been hoarding holding on to this.

Cottage Fix blog - chippy paint mirrorCottage Fix blog - chippy paint mirrorChippy Sage Mirror 

This was probably from an old dresser I’m guessing. The beautiful time worn patina adds to the curved lines and details. I might keep it. lol We’ll see.

Well, hopefully they’ll be off to a good home soon.

xoxo Sally


6 thoughts on “time to let go

  1. Victoria

    Wow, I wish I lived close enough to buy those from you!!! The mirror is absolutely gorgeous! I should do some serious purging around here but ugh…it’s not a fun job.

    Have a lovely weekend Sally and here’s to hoping your poopy luck streak is over!!!

  2. Dore @. Burlap Luxe

    The good thing about mis-happenings with life and the daily grind is it forces us to move on and I bet the new washer and dryer are a welcomed site. I am in your boat it’s been one little to big thing after another.
    And slowly but surly things are getting replace and repaired.
    Your little cast offs are wonderful pieces, there is a bit of joy in Purging pieces that pile up with the intent of use and that never get placed. I to have some of that going on here as well.
    Spring is my time to unearth all the extra junk around here that is not being used, it’s really a good feeling to free up space, declutter, and lighten the load of things piling up.

    A wonderful sale for you my dear, and perhaps a piece will come along that you can instantly use and find a place for.

    See you soon.


  3. Mary Alice Patterson

    I can’t imagine you wouldn’t be able to find a lovely spot for that fabulous mirror! There really is a good feeling to be had of letting go…even if there’s a tad bit of seller’s remorse down the road. I sold a TON of stuff before we moved and it felt quite good.
    Mary Alice

  4. kelly

    Those are all such pretty pieces. It’s a bIummer that you don’t have a place to use them. I have a basement full of stuff that I should probably part with for the same reason! Hopefully, someone will scoop those up and give them the love they deserve! Ha! Sorry to hear about your streak of bad luck. Maybe it’s all over. I know every time my husband and I work on a DIY project around here something always goes wrong too. I’ve almost learned to expect it now!

  5. Vickie

    Some lucky lady is going to be thrilled to buy those pieces, Sally! I downsized the vintage things I’ve been holding onto, but it’s time to do it again. I haven’t had any regrets about what I sold or gave away, and I’ve learned to be more discerning about what I buy now. Your old mirror would look gorgeous propped on a fireplace mantel!

    Enjoy your new washer and dryer!

  6. Julie

    Very pretty pieces, Sally. Someone will be thrilled to get those. But I think that letting go of and purging things occasionally is very therapeutic. There’s just something cleansing about getting rid of things 😉

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