fall centerpiece

Happy Fall!!  So this is one of my new favorite decorating tips.  While you’re at the market, fill your basket with some of your families favorite produce, add some flowers or herbs or whatever you have from the garden, and call it a centerpiece.  I love how simple and pretty it looks.  My kiddo’s fall fruits of choice are pomegranate, pears, and apples, but the possibilities are endless!  A few posts back I did a similar centerpiece with clementines, I could just be a wee bit stuck on what all I can pile on my Martha Stewart cake plate.  I’ll try not to get too carried away!
dining room with fall fruit

Through the doorway is our family room.  It is a comfy room that I have not gotten around to doing much with.  It does have a big squishy sofa and chair that I would say are the most used furniture in our home.

fall dining room

The flowers are pink camellia along with a couple sprigs of rosemary from the back garden.  Man, that rosemary smells good!
fall fruit and flowers

My teenage son is asking for a pomegranate as I am writing this — he is a bottomless pit!  I can’t see this centerpiece lasting too much longer.  Let’s make that centerpiece for a day, or maybe an afternoon!