change your mind much?

What’s that they say about a woman being able to change her mind on a whim as often and whenever she wants?  It’s her prerogative — I think.  How many times does she get to switch things up before the innocent indecisive behavior starts to look a little coo coo?  Well for my sake I hope it’s at least three or four!  Shall I go through the colors of the dining and living room hopefully for the last time, picking out a wall color is obviously not my forte.  The dining room was golden taupe when we moved in, then painted blue, then ivory, and now is going soft taupy beige.  The living room also started golden taupe, skipped the blue and went straight to ivory, and now it is also going taupy beige.  Here you can see a bit of all the colors, except the blue.  The one in the middle is a keeper, but I believe I might have said that before.  Third times a charm!

Painting the living room

I have discovered the loveliness of a taller ladder and things are going more smoothly than the last couple of times I painted.  I have really been enjoying sharing all of my decorating shenanigans with you, but I wasn’t really counting on changing my mind about the wall color so often.  I should have known!  This is how things have always gone.  Our last house had several paints jobs before I finally felt I had found the right shade.  Now the whole world wide internet knows too!  I hope this is it!!

Tall ladder

The living room is just about done — again. I’m hoping to get the dining room done soon so I can start hauling Christmas out of the attic.  We have an old silver tinsel tree my daughter has been trying to get out since before Thanksgiving.

Living room painted taupe

I found this cobalt blue BROMO seltzer bottle at an antique store and I couldn’t resist the deep blue color.  I added a hemp string and a couple of roses.

BROMO seltzer bottle

P.S. The new wall color is Sherwin Williams Pavillion Beige.  What a boring name – sounds so bland!  I think I’ll call it Latte or Mocha.  It’s definitely some kind of light creamy coffee.