fall blooms on the sun porch and a bench

Salutations! How about a bouquet of bright pink blooms and an heirloom bench for a shot of shabby vintage style on the sun porch? It’s a rustic pine bench hand-built by my great grandpa Tipton; how funny that here she is all these years later adding a dose of charm to our sun porch for fall.

Cottage Fix - rustic heirloom bench on the sun porchI foofed this vintage beauty with a few shabby chic pillows to soften her up and add a little color. I hope she’s an admirer of soft blue florals and cabana stripes like I happen to be.

Cottage Fix - bright pink bloomsI’m not sure what these bright pink daisy shaped blooms are, but I’m feeling quite lucky to have a little something blooming in the back garden — not much in bloom around town that I’ve seen. They make their entrance in late summer and stick around through early fall and spread easily. They’re always a nice little treat after the garden is on its way out. And that color, oh yeah, I’ll take a bouquet of hot pink happy please!
Cottage Fix - wicker chair with cozy ivory throwNothing says fall like an ivory knit throw all nestled up waiting for a snuggle. These have found a place all over the cottage softening things up and adding a touch of cozy comfort. And ivory is so easy to bring in to just about any color pallet. So I chucked this little sweetie on the wicker to make a rather summery chair feel a little more like fall.

Cottage Fix - the sun porch with fall decor

My honey keeps joking with me that it looks like we’ve been robbed on the sun porch. It was getting dreadfully bare at one point — Is that an invitation to go shopping dear? All jokes aside, I have something in the works that involves wrought iron and matelassé and I think the bench is also really helping. Especially since I filled every square inch with chachkies!

Cottage Fix - heirloom walnut benchHappy Fall!

Cottage Fix - rustic bench with pink fall bouquetxoxo Sally

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10 thoughts on “fall blooms on the sun porch and a bench

  1. Deb

    Love that bench…it must mean so much to you! and the way this space is styled is just fantastic!

    @Seeking Lavender Lan

  2. Julie

    That bench looks great there, Sally. But seriously, every time I see your floor and painted brick wall, I die a little 😉 My sunporch would have those in my dreams….

  3. kelly

    Oh yes! I think you should milk this for all it’s worth and go on a shoppng spree for the porch! LOL! You can say it was your husbands idea, right? Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing out there.

    1. sally Post author

      Hi Karin! Thanks so much for the sweet comment! I just linked up to Centerpiece Wednesday.

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