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cottage fix Friday flowers

Happy Friday Cottage Fix friends! It’s been a long one, and we’re going on day two of a three day rain here. I spent the morning at the gym and the afternoon baking and cleaning. If I don’t keep myself busy during these long spells of dreary weather I’ll sink into a lull until the sunshine returns.  I brought home these peonies and I’m showing them off today for Friday flowers, love those fluffled, ruffled blooms! These are in pinks […]


peonies in the storm

Let me tell you… last night I lie awake to the sound of the rumbling thunder echoing through our bedroom. Rain pounded the roof and lightning lit the night sky with each explosive thunder boom. If it hadn’t been for Miss Paisley, there’s a good chance I might have slept right through this grandiose storm. But she likes to keep us informed of these sorts of things. Wink. As I lay there, all I could thing about was my new […]


6 tips for decorating with garden flowers

When it comes to decorating with fresh flowers, I can find a way to use just about anything that can be plucked from the garden. A little of this and a little of that whimsically arranged into a vase or basket or formed into a casual wreath is an easy way to transform a plain room into something bright and fresh. I love to place a tiny bouquet in our guest bath, on the windowsill or sink, to make our […]


vintage mirrors and bright pink peonies

Salutations! I’ve been at it again, shuffling things around, up to shenanigans, or what Honey likes to call “up to no good!” He’ll be happy to know that this collection of vintage mirrors was created with the ones I had already acquired on another day when I was knee deep in some other shenanigans. I just brought them all together to hang out and get to know one another here on the big blank wall in our living room—the big […]


cottage garden


We inherited a never ending shrub and flower bed with our new to us home. Apparently one of her previous owners had one heck of a green thumb! We are slowly working on getting our yard back under control, but those weeds just keep popping back up. The peonies look lovely in the garden, or cut and brought inside.