peonies and hydrangeas

You might have noticed that flowers are one of my favorite decorating accessories, especially casual displays using fresh cut garden flowers.  Oh yes, I love a room with a fresh garden bouquet.

Cottage Fix -peonies from the garden

These pink peonies above are from my very first blog post, before I really new what I was doing. Sometimes I’m not so sure if I know now!

Cottage Fix -pink peonies on a vintage piano seat

I gave away most of my peonies this year.  Here are the first three blooms of this season, the ones I kept.  If I had to choose my favorite flower, I’d have to say the peony.  Hydrangeas, however, come in a close second. The billowy puffs of soft color are so lovely, like colorful clouds.

Cottage Fix -garden flowers

garden flowers

These hydrangeas above are from last summer.  Wow, the hydrangeas really were ginormous last summer!

Cottage Fix - taupe home office, wicker chair, and garden flowers

The garden bouquet in our study I made with the very first hydrangea bloom of this season.  I beefed it up with a variety of flowers, adding both color and texture.  I made the blue and green hydrangea centerpiece below a few weeks later when the plants were blooming more.

Cottage Fix - hydrangea centerpiece and dining al fresco

I love fresh flowers.  Happy picking!

xoxo Sally


2 thoughts on “peonies and hydrangeas

  1. Mary Alice Patterson

    Hydrangeas make the most beautiful arrangements. Yours are gorgeous!! For some reason mine do not have plentiful blooms this year, and I’m very distressed about that. Not sure what’s going on.
    Mary Alice

    1. sally Post author

      Hi Mary Alice, I’m having the same problem with my hydrangea plants, not as many blooms and the blooms aren’t as large as they were last year. ???

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