the mother-load of treasure

Salutations my treasure hunting friends! How’s things? I’m checking in today with a few shabby vintage goodies from my road trip last week. A couple of my dearest friends and I went on a road trip to Glen Allen, VA to visit an antique shop we’ve been hoping to get to for a while now. Life just gets so busy you know, but we finally made it. Holy cow — we hit the mother-load of treasure, this junk store is awesome and the plethora of furniture, signs, dishes, and bits and bobs are all very reasonably priced. So we searched and dug, we squeezed into every tight nook and managed to shift ourselves into every cluttered corner searching for vintage treasures at Class and Trash. If you don’t mind a little sweat (there’s no AC people!), and a bit of rummaging, I doubt you’ll be able to leave empty handed. I had a hard time deciding what to bring home and I find myself daydreaming about a trinket or two that I wish I hadn’t left behind!

Cottage Fix - Class and Trash

We were greeted by rows of vintage bicycles and a cornucopia of outdoor furniture and garden goodness. And once we were inside, it only got better! We had the best day of chatting and shopping and then lunch at Homeades by Suzanne in Ashland. This quaint little restaurant makes the best tomato pie I’ve ever had. I can’t stop thinking about it, piled high with Hanover tomato, basil, and cheese all in a buttery flaky crust. It’s going on my list of things to make — I’ve been dreaming about that pie.

Cottage Fix - outdoors at Class and Trash

So what came home with me? Drum-role please…

Cottage Fix - vintage wicker rocker

A vintage rocker in need of a cushion, but with a lovely chippy patina after a thorough scrub down.

Cottage Fix - vintage rocker in need of a seat cushion

I’m hoping it will be easy to find a seat cushion that will fit without having to make one.

Cottage Fix - vintage rocker in the living room

A blue enamel bucket which also required a some major elbow grease.

Cottage Fix - blue enamel bucket

I was going to do something more fall like with this bucket, maybe with pine cones and fall colored flowers. But I’ll save that for next time since the pinecones are all wet and I have no fall-ish flowers. We’ve just had the most torrential rain in the past few days that I can remember. The back garden is a lake and roadways are closed all over town, but apparently these pink hibiscus are loving it! They are blooming like crazy here with the big rain at summer’s end. I found out last time I picked these that they only last a day or so inside. But there are so many I couldn’t resist!

Cottage Fix - blue enamel bucket on the sun porch

And I found a sweet little ironstone plate. The family pointed out that I already have this plate. I quickly corrected them — “this one is slightly different.” But it really doesn’t matter. It would have come home with me either way!

Cottage Fix - red and cream ironstone plate

xoxo Sally

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7 thoughts on “the mother-load of treasure

  1. Kelly

    I love all of your new finds! I bet you could find a cushion for that rocker at Pier 1 and then cover it in a different fabric if needed. I have some in off-white on my front porch rockers.

  2. Mary Alice Patterson

    I’ve been to Class and Trash several times…definitely a fun place to treasure hunt. Love what you came home with. The rocker looks right at home, and that blue enamel bucket is wonderful!! The blue with the pink hibiscus surrounded by all white…Yummy!!!!
    Mary Alice

  3. Cindy

    Great finds Sally! Isn’t it fun to treasure hunt and come home with precious treasures from years long past?
    I love your house and it’s peaceful look.

  4. Vanessa Bower

    I have to believe that we are kindered spirits !!! I adore your wicker rocker and a cushion shouldn’t be too hard to find with all the end of summer sales going on now. Oh, and that blue bucket is to die for!!!!!! I envision you using this in your decor year round. What can I say about the iron stone plate ? It’s gorgeous and will be beautiful with all of your other iron stone you have on display.
    Yes, you did hit the “mother load” and I am so jealous, but so happy for you.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures,

  5. Kathy

    Great finds! I have not heard of tomato pie. Sounds delicious! Usually this time of year I have tomato sandwiches for lunch but, my tomatoes did not fare so well this year. 🙁
    Thank you for sharing!

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