bright pink beauties

I generally like to stick to a cottage style garden with roses, herbs and daisies, all of the classic cottage style plants and flowers mix nicely with our evergreens.  The box woods, azaleas, hydrangeas, and English ivy all seem to get along nicely out there. But in the thick of Summer when the days are long, the air is hot and muggy, and we’re all wishing for an afternoon storm it’s nice to look out our back window and see a pop of bright pink hibiscus!

Cottage Fix - bright pink hardy hibiscus

My dad got us hooked on these bright pink beauties.  The mid Summer showy blooms grow on tall stems that tower above all of our other plants.  They are so pretty to spot out our back window!

Cottage Fix - bright pink beauty

They are called hardy hibiscus and they come in a variety of beautiful colors. They remind me of larger blooming Rose of Sharon (also a hibiscus).

Cottage Fix - bright pink bloom on the sun porch

They are the perfect bloom to pick for a teeny tiny vase, or a collection of those tiny vintage bottles I’ve been spotting all over blogland.  I love those sweet little bottle collections!

Cottage Fix - bright pink garden beauty

I picked a single bloom for this tiny vintage glass creamer to brighten up the sun porch.  Hello Summer!

Cottage Fix - pink hardy hibiscus and shabby chic pillow

xoxo Sally

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