Sunday morning with Paisley

Miss Paisley and I had ourselves a fun little Sunday morning, and Honey too.  There’s nothing like a nice walk with Paisley, followed by a “I can barely make it” jog to jump start Sunday morning!  And then honey was off to do yard work while I scrubbed the cottage doors and worked a bit in the garden. I’m just finishing up now and I’m beat.

Cottage Fix - white cottage bench and pot of lavender

Paisley likes to hunt for bees in the garden, those bees are so darn slow she’s managed to snap a couple up.

Cottage Fix - Paisley catching bees

These lavender flowers bloom all Summer and are great for picking and bringing inside.

Cottage Fix - Summer bloom

Do you remember I have a hard time growing tomatoes? Tomatoes and I have a bit of bad history I’m afraid. One Summer I grew romas that tasted like acid.  Well these cherry tomatoes are easy to grow and guess what they taste like — tomatoes!  Oh how I love a sweet juicy tomato straight from the vine.

Cottage Fix - cherry tomatoes

The basil is looking good and the watermelon vine is slowly taking over. I need to keep this under control or honey will mow it down.

Cottage Fix - basil

Dear Paisley should be all tuckered out by now, but oh no, she’s always up for just a little more playtime.

Cottage Fix - Paisley jumping off the sofa for playtimeSharing with Feathered Nest Friday


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