a kitchen table

I’ve always wanted a table in my kitchen, something understated and casual.  There’s something so old fashion about having a kitchen table, and it seems these days the kitchen table has slowly given way to the ever so popular kitchen island.  It’s so grandma chic and ever so cozy to share a meal at the kitchen table.

I’m still moving things this way and that way after the piano landed in our living room, which is making the living room feel quite homey.  If you could see this place you would laugh and wonder how on Earth I ever could manage a blog on cottage style decor. But I fluttered about like a crazy lady to get the kitchen straightened up and fit for a couple of photos.

Cottage Fix - kitchen table

The table from our sun porch scooted it’s way into our kitchen and never looked back!  The sun porch isn’t missing it a bit and I’m feeling like I have myself a whole new kitchen, at least until the hardwood floors and marble counter tops arrive — grin!

Cottage Fix - kitchen table and built in cupboard

I decided to bring in a couple of outdoor chairs for now; they’re small scale and fit the table well. Cushions might be a nice addition for the comfort of our bums and to make them look more approachable.  I’ve always liked them chippy and distressed, but seeing them in the photos has me wondering … could a color be in their future?

Cottage Fix - chippy paint chair pulled up to the kitchen table

Oh dear, this place is a wreck — easy dinner tonight indeed.  I’ll be back to my furniture rearranging soon enough and wondering how I’ll fit it all in.  I do like the table in the kitchen though. It could use more of something on the wall behind it, but I’m not sure what yet.

Cottage Fix - kitchen table and chairs

xoxo Sally

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4 thoughts on “a kitchen table

  1. Mary Alice Patterson

    I adore your table and chairs in your kitchen!! The table really does add warmth and charm, and your choice of chairs are perfect. I love them as is, but painted would be cute too.
    Always love to visit!
    Mary Alice

  2. Lin

    Hi Sally,

    I just found your blog this morning, and it’s gorgeous!

    We have a fam table in our kitchen, which is a multipurpose piece. The office desk, the dining table, the kitchen island, the craft table… it’s all good.

    LOVE your home and am looking forward to reading what you’ll share next!
    ~ Lin

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