held up in the kitchen

Salutations! We’ve got some crazy yo yo weather going here on the East Coast, one day it’s in the 60’s and then it drops down to the 30’s and then back up again. If you live here long enough you come to expect this roller coaster weather pattern. Yes we must keep our sweaters and sandals out year round for times like these.

Cottage Fix - kitchen with wooden table and light curtains

Major progress is happening in our upstairs hallway bathroom, those lucky little kiddos of ours. They are both starting to get excited, especially when they notice how excited honey and I both are.  We are all roughing it now, sharing our master bath. But that’s been going on for a while now since their tub has been out of service. It was time.

Cottage Fix - tea and cookies

So Miss Paisley and I are held up in the kitchen while the contractors are making headway on backer board and subway tiles. I know…poor me, stuck in the kitchen while pretty little tiles are going in upstairs. I guess someones gotta do it. I wonder if it might sound a little silly that I’ve barricaded myself in the kitchen with the dog? But, she can’t handle all the excitement and she keeps running up the stairs to check on things even more often than me. So we’re in the kitchen. I’ve been making lots of sweets, it’s weird. I think it’s because I was so sick over the holidays and for a long while after so I’m making up for my holiday baking now. No one seems to be complaining. When all is said and done, the kiddos will have a dreamy new bathroom and I’ll have an extra ten pounds to loose. These are sugar cookies I made using my dad’s Petley Grain gluten free cookie mix. They are easy to whip up and so delicious.

Cottage Fix - light shabby chic curtains in the kitchen

Our kitchen doesn’t get much sunshine, but I’ve been enjoying this sort of moody light during the winter. It feels cozy, especially with tea and cookies. I wouldn’t mind marble counters and hard wood floors to go with my tea and cookies though.

Cottage Fix - Petley Grain gluten free sugar cookies




7 thoughts on “held up in the kitchen

  1. Julie

    It sounds like you and your furry friend are enjoying some cozy time together. I am no stranger to being trapped with a dog while contractors are working in the house 😉 I’ll bet everyone will be thrilled when the bathroom project is complete!

  2. JoAnne

    We went through the same thing when we redid our kids’ bathroom. We all had to share the master bath for awhile. I’m excited to see how pretty it turns out!

  3. Vickie

    Contractors doing the work for you. Sounds heavenly to me! It’s going to feel like a luxury when it’s all done!

  4. Kelly

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen your kitchen before. I loved the sneak peek! I love subway tiles, so I bet I’ll love your bathroom remodel when it’s done. We just had plumbers out this morning and our dog was going crazy too. He gets so excited when someone comes in the house that he doesn’t know. I can’t wait to see your kids bathroom when it’s done. We’re having to use our kids shower while ours is out of commission. We’re each working on opposite bathrooms right now!

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