a Virginia country scenic view

This past weekend we took a break from our regular weekend chores and shenanigans and headed for the Virginia country.  This is the Tye Overlook at the James River State Park and the view is majestic.  We have visited this park a couple of times in the past few years and it is definitely becoming one of my family’s favorites. It is a beautifully romantic location with grazing cows, abundant scenic views, and wildlife at every turn – including bears.  Glad we didn’t see any of those!  Though the forest ranger lady did inform us that a family of bears calls the park home and apparently they have gotten “used to people.”  I couldn’t quite figure out what she meant by “used to people.”  Are they going to introduce themselves and hike along the trails with us?  Like I said, I’m glad we didn’t have to get acquainted with any bears. eek!

virginia country church and barn Tye Overlook bridge Tye Overlook canoe