blush painted dresser in Annie Sloan Antoinette chalk paint

Salutations! I’m blogging in today under sunny skies and crisp fall air. After two full days of showers and steady rain, the change is so welcome.

This was my grandma’s dresser that she used in her sewing room to store fabrics and threads, buttons and such. I spent many hours plopped down on her sewing room floor watching her sew and flipping through her encyclopedia Britannica collection. Do you remember those? Now I wish I would’ve payed closer attention to her sewing. Cottage Fix blog - blush painted dresser in Annie Sloan Antoinette chalk paintI waffled back and forth on painting this. Mostly because I didn’t want to screw it up, but also because I was worried about distressing it in our bedroom. I was not about to lug it out to the garage—it’s so heavy!Cottage Fix blog - blush painted dresser in Annie Sloan Antoinette chalk paintI decided to go for it. I painted it with Annie Sloan Antoinette and then lightly distressed it with a scraper (I learned about using a scraper or knife instead of sanding over at D.D.’s Cottage and Design.) I topped it off with a coat of white wax. This was such a fun project and I’m totally hooked on using a scraper for distressing. Clean up was a cinch!Cottage Fix blog - dresser before paintingThe color is a soft blush pink and it looks pinker or whiter as the light changes in the room. There was a time when Honey would have protested to pink of any sort in the house, especially our bedroom. He’s so chill about that kind of thing now. I could put up pink floral wallpaper and I wouldn’t hear a peep!Cottage Fix blog - blush painted dresser in Annie Sloan Antoinette chalk paintIn this last photo you can see the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan is not on the list of my most favorite things. A drippy crystal chandelier is on my wishlist for in here I think. But for now I’m just enjoying the new shade of blush pink. Cottage Fix blog - blush painted dresser in Annie Sloan Antoinette chalk paintHappy Friday!

xoxo Sally


10 thoughts on “blush painted dresser in Annie Sloan Antoinette chalk paint

  1. Victoria

    Wow, it looks absolutely beautiful! The pink is perfect, not too gaudy or overpowering:) I’ve never tried that method of distressing but it seems to have worked wonderfully! Happy Friday!!! Hope you have a wonderful (and not rainy) weekend:)

  2. kelly

    that dresser looks so pretty in pink! It’s good that your husband is ok with it now. You probably have a lot more freedom to be creative. I love feminine touches in a home and I’m glad that my husband doesn’t mind it either!

  3. Dore @ Burlap Luxe

    Pretty in Pink !!
    Many years ago I tried pink pieces, even a shade of Rose painted wall in a bedroom, it just was not me….I so wished it were because I love seeing the delicate use of pink in rooms on the pages of cottage magazine features and in the books of R/Ashwell.
    You have done this chest justice, a tone of pink so fitting for your walls and the chest itself.
    As for the fan, it just disappears with the sweet beauty you have created here, but I so agree, I too could see a chandelier of sorts hanging over your bed. Rehaps you can find a great thrift find one aged with perfect charm.

    A wonderful hubby that can embrace your favor in painting pink 🙂

    See you soon, perhaps we will see a pink Christmas tree next


  4. Vickie

    I think even your grandma would be happy with the new paint treatment. Love the pink and the slight distressed look! It’s a lovely old piece and now you’ve made it work for you.

  5. Kerrie

    It is absolutely gorgeous Sally. I am so glad that you had the courage to paint it. I like your grey carpet too. We have been thinking of replacing our worn carpet with grey. We like how quiet our cottage is with carpet.

  6. Julie

    The pink is so much prettier than the dark wood, Sally. Luckily, you have warmed your hubby up to some feminine touches in the house 😉 We also have a ceiling fan in the bedroom that is begging to be replaced…

  7. Dore @ Burlap Luxe

    Thank you Sally for taking the time to visit and leaving a comment behind on your way home!
    Again I get to see the pink you painted and it makes me smile, I also had a deep pink plaid sofa all in the sweet room of mine that I tried pink in….I can so see the smile on friends and family who enter your sweet. Cosy cottage, I know there would be one on my face.

    A beautiful giving of thanks this season to you.
    Keep inspiring


  8. Jeanne

    I used to struggle with how to do a room, especially the master bedroom, in a way that would work for both my husband and me. I kept trying to meet in the middle and ended up with blah. I found the best way for me was to combine masculine items, like our dark brown furniture with feminine touches I like – my lace curtains, pretty white shelf and vintage lamp. There is a solid light blue bedspread for him, but a pretty quilt at the bottom of the bed for me. I find the masculine stuff and the feminine stuff live very happily together in our room. It does help that my husband does like my cottage style – probably because it isn’t costing him too much:)

    1. sally Post author

      lol!! Yes my hubby is also happy with the thrifty nature of cottage style – lots of painting and re purposing. His dresser is dark wood and he has asked me not to paint it. I might change out the pulls to white to tie it in though. wink. Your bedroom sounds so pretty. xo

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