shabby chic details and that more than fabulous day!

Salutations Cottage Fix Crew? How are things? I’m doing just peachy for the most part, but let me tell you about last Friday. All in all it started off good! I got my workout wrapped up first thing that morning, I took Paisley for a walk around the loop, and then headed out to tackle a list of chores—a list that included the fancy grocery store. So things were all ready going good. It wasn’t any single event that day that made it all that great. It was good, yes; but that’s about it. What went down after that was a series of one thing after the next which all together made for a more than fabulous day. It was fun, and to be honest a little weird!Cottage Fix blog - white and pink azaleasIt started with a few things I had planned for myself; the fancy grocery store, pasta and red wine for supper, and fresh bakery bagels for the weekend. So things were already looking good you see.Cottage Fix blog - wicker settee with warm whites and shabby chic pillowsSo then Honey shows up for supper with a bouquet of carnations in soft shades of pink, white, and yellow. Flowers for me for no reason at all on a Friday evening, well this is a lovely surprise! I wonder if he’s been reading my Friday Flowers posts?Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic water color striped napkinsSo we’re enjoying our family pasta supper with tomato cream sauce and Honey and I are sipping wine when the UPS truck stops in front of our house. We all start cracking up at me with my pasta, wine, and flowers and the intuitive feeling that the UPS guy is dropping off goodies for me. And not just any goodies, my very favorite shabby chic goodies from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture. Honey and I ordered a few things for me as early Mother’s Day gifts when they were having an extra 10% off sale items. And here they come, being escorted up the drive to me with my flowers and my wine. Somebody just pinch me please!Cottage Fix blog - sun porch with white wicker settee and shabby chic pillowsLet me tell you a little about my lovely new goodies. The damask pillow is soft taupe with a subtle pattern, goes with just about anything. I paired it with warm whites and Simply Shabby Chic ruffles from Target. And the pink watercolor striped napkins are just a hint of understated color. We use cloth napkins on a daily basis to be good to the environment, and they’re pretty. I love them! I feel so fancy. Wink.
Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic pillowsAnd as if it couldn’t get any more fabulous, I ended the day plopped on the sofa while Honey baked me cookies. And if your like me, everything tastes better when someone else makes it for you. Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic watercolor striped napkinsThanks so much for visiting!!

xoxo Sally


3 thoughts on “shabby chic details and that more than fabulous day!

  1. Dore @. Burlap Luxe

    Love your pinch you kind of day here… Always so relaxed visiting all your creativeness. Flowers and a early Mother’s Day what else could you ask for?
    Your comment as to always using cloth over paper napkins. I here you, we here use cloth over paper as well, unless I am creating with paper nothing lands in our waste. We are very aware of waste and saving our environment as much as we can, and will hunt a great bargain at a thrift bringing it home hopefully one less piece that ends up in our landfills.
    Your sweet cloth napkins are great, love the sweet little romantic settings here.

    See you soon and all your inspiration.
    Happy early Mothers Day and more to come.


  2. Julie

    What a wonderful series of simple pleasures, Sally. It sounds to me like you were inviting the universe to bring you bliss, and the universe responded 🙂

  3. kelly

    I love your new goodies from Shabby Chic! They look great in your home too. Sounds like your husband is a keeper too!

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